Schwarzkopf BonaCure Repair Rescue for my Hair

We often are too busy in our hectic lifestyles, working round the clock, coloring, treating, styling and using dryers on our hair that we could barely spare enough time for our crowning glory, i.e. our hair. Hair is one of our biggest assets. It has the power to transform our looks without any surgical intervention, and also the power to spoil the entire look if not taken care of.

I am very touchy about my hair and seldom experiment with multiple products. There are few names that I trust and Schwarzkopf is among those top few. 

With growing pollution, lifestyle pressure and increased thrust on looking good by using heating and styling products like a Blow dryer, curler, Styling gels, the hair takes all the damage and unwanted yet unavoidable pressure. Hence, just a normal consumer shampoo would not do any good for your hair. We need something special, something tailor-made and indeed a specialist. To me, that specialist is Schwarzkopf

Recently I tried this new Bonacure range from Schwarzkopf and much to my delight, I loved the things it does to my hair. Initially, I was non-believer thinking, ah! That's the first time glory, but trust me, I have been using the Shampoo and Conditioner from last 1 month and after every successive wash, it left me to feel good about my hair.

Schwarzkopf BonaCure Repair Rescue
Schwarzkopf BonaCure Repair Rescue is a professional haircare company from Berlin, Germany. Schwarzkopf & Henkel is one of the largest cosmetic companies in the market. Their extensive portfolio includes many best known brands and best-loved products in colorants, styling, hair care, toiletries, skin care, oral hygiene, and fragrances. 

Schwarzkopf BonaCure Repair Rescue Shampoo aims to turn your dream of long, smooth hair into reality with their Biomimetic technology for hair. The Biomimetic hair repair formula strengthens the hair while leaving it soft and bouncy. Cell Repair formula aims to repair the quality of hair and helps in rescuing the hair roots from breakage. Long, lovely Rapunzel hair is quite a possibility with Bonacure.

Schwarzkopf Bonacure works
  • Biomimetic technology boosts hair growth
  • Nourishes hair, enhancing the natural shine.
  • Moisturizes hair eliminating dryness and rough ends.
  • Amino Acid helps repair the hair structure.

Schwarzkopf BonaCure Repair Rescue Shampoo

Price: Rs 750 for 250 ml

What I loved about
1) It is not highly fragrant that means safe for regular wash
2) It forms adequate lather that your hair may need.
3) It has good combat system to wash away the external oil on your scalp without overusing. In case, if you have applied an excessive amount of hair oil, then I would recommend for using it twice.
4) It is not very runny nor very thick, the consistency is just right
5) It gives good elasticity, bounce, and shine to hair
6) Helps preserve natural volume
7) This Serum is Rich in Cura+ Protein Complex
8) It doesn't roughen your hair and makes it easy to detangle
9) Packaging: I loved the slender, long cylindrical packaging that comes with a sturdy flip top and easy to store.

What I did not like about it
Actually nothing

Schwarzkopf BonaCure Repair Rescue Conditioner
Price: Rs 750 

The conditioner works fine into your hair. It is non-sticky, not very thick, neither runny and even a small amount does the job well. You need not apply to scalp but just on lengths and rinse immediately. Voila, your hair is smooth again!

What I liked:
1) The consistency is good and easy to rinse
2) It is mild
3) It works well and helps in detangle
4) Leaves your hair smoother and shinier

What I did not like

My Experience: I loved it from the first wash. The best thing was that it was soothing, non-heady, cleanses very well, helps maintain hair form even when wet and when fully dried, made my hair feel softer during and post wash as well. Here's me snap happy oops Schwarzkopf Happy Hairs-

Haute Kutir Verdict: Overall, I simply loved the shampoo and conditioner, and they have replaced all my other shampoo and conditioner including my favorite Tony and Guy, on my shower shelf. Like I said multiple time above, the product is mild and leaves your hair smooth, cleanse, bouncy and shiny after every usage. I am already having a hair fall issue which was not though stopped but neither has been aggravated. The conditioner is just the right thing your hair needs. 

My hair are prone to Dandruff but Thankfully unlike other professional shampoo like L'Oreal Repair, Schwarzkopf BonaCure Repair Rescue Shampoo has not aggravated the dandruff issue, nor makes the scalp itchy, which is a good thing. 

One of the best thing about the product is that- it helps your hair retain it's form and cut without making you use curlers or blow dryer. Hair are visibly smooth and bouncy. I so much loved my hair post wash. I am definitely going to continue using this product.

Do I Recommend: Yes, very Much

Would I repurchase: Yes, provided I do not find another solution which is as good, or better with similar or lesser pricing.

Is it available online?
Yes, with almost all know e commerce portals like Flipkart, Nykaa and others.

So, what are you waiting for? If this is what your hair is looking for, go and get it!

Besides, this is not the end, stay tuned to this blog for more updates on Schwarzkopf BonaCure Range. Do follow me on Instagram,Twitter and Facebook Page for quick updates.


  1. :) thts lovely as it can take ages to find a product that suits our hair...very cool

  2. Nice review. Will try for sure

    1. Cool. Let me know your experience if possible.

  3. Very nice review Ekta . I liked the color of those bottles too :)

    1. Thanks :) Stay tuned as I am gonna more from the #Bonacure range.

  4. Replies
    1. Thank You Indrani. I am glad that you liked my review. Stay posted.

  5. I have never tried Schwarzkopf before. Will give it a try. Currently I am on an anti dandruff routine :P

    And I was already following you via G+ ;)

    1. Hi Naomi, Do give them a try. @Schwarzkopf has indeed superlative products for the hair- care and style. If possible, do share your feedback and learnings with me :)

      Thank you for the follow up :)


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