5 Tips to #De-stress and #SlowDownZindagi

I was invited to attend a special preview at Lifestyle Brand that I love but I could not make it. Reason being, I am suffering from work stress, anxiety leading to temporary insomnia. Now this may sound quite a lifestyle disorder from a beauty and lifestyle blogger but trust me, they should not be part of your lifestyle. However, given the hectic and demanding lifestyle that we lead, a lot of time it becomes difficult to stay away from stress but at the same time, it is imperative to de-stress oneself at regular intervals to keep the body in balance and body cycle sync with mental firness.

And this post is dedicated to tips on how to De-stress and in better words #SlowDownZindagi. 

So when life becomes too much to handle for me [ and that happens too often with me especially these days], I take a small pause and find options to de-stress [however temporarily they may be but they are important], in small ways as possible. Here's my Top 5 Tips basis my personal experience, for de-stressing -

1) Pamper Thyself- Being an orthopedic challenged, I often end up in incurring higher body pain due to stress and exertion. To relax myself, I book myself a good Spa or a salon session to lose those aching muscles and indulge in some deep tissue massage and body spa. Ummm Hair spa, followed with good head massage works wonder for me and often helps me de-stress by letting go that skewed up feeling and inducing good sleep. 

If nothing else, take a bottle of good hair oil and do an elaborate "champi". To know more, see my post on Parachute for some reference.

2) Retail therapy- A little retail therapy hurts no one. I love to shop and being an impatient and impulsive buyer, I end up buying a lot of stuff that I do not need but what the heck, I can gift. So stepping out to that lovely store for a little while, even if it spells window shopping, does quite good to your mental stress and if not purse. Ahoy! we are talking about de-stressing here. So do not splurge so much that it adds to further stress but spend wisely.

3) Shampoo and Shower- Often when I find a thought hovering over my head for long, I step inside my shower and take a good, indulging head to toe scrub bath. Ah! it relaxes so well. Wrap it up with a good dose of soothing moisturizer dabbed all over your body and slip in to your favorite night suit. Bliss! 

4) Wake up and smell some coffee beans- Or Ahem dark Chocolates. They say Chocolates esp Dark ones are great stress busters. Well being a girl, I am not fond of chocolates much but I normally do not resist dark chocolates. Even better if you get and churn yourself a quick chocolate mousse. Well our tongues have a good attachment to the happy hormones. Some people feel good post talking about their issues with someone and some people loves to devour tastes across culinary and chocolate cuisines.

I loved visiting BRU outlet esp the one in Juhu to catch sip of some yum #malabar Coffee or their special cold coffee made with condensed milk. Proof of coffee is in sipping :)

5) Spend a time with a child, bringing smiles that goes till miles- This is my most favorite thing to do. There is no joy like making a child smile, teaching a child something new and doing noting but just watching a child play. Their innocence and cut- ness makes you go aww on your knees and the joy is priceless that no jewels can fill.

So these are top 5 things that I do to de-stress my self and take that much needed break from busy schedules. How about you? Do share.

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