Katrina Love Life takes a New Slice with #KingOfMangoes

It is Summer time and look who is having a "Slice" of a time. 

It is none other than Bollywood's reigning diva Katrina Kaif who was reported missing a few days back, only to be spotted near the coastal town of Ratnagiri yesterday. For details, do read our detail coverage here- #KatrinaMissing

Time to complete the pieces of the puzzle that left all of us wondering where is our Indian Barbie Katrina. Well if you are following me on Twitter, you would know that it is confirmed that Katrina is indeed at the sleepy, yet culturally rich, coastal town of Ratnagiri. But what was she doing there?

Time to unfold the mystery. Here we go-

#BreakingNews on ##KatrinaMissing: Katrina found #Romancing a certain #King in quiet little village of #Ratnagiri

Ummm if you wonder who the king is, well it is none other than #KingOfMangoes - Slice from Tropicana.

Yes, PepsiCo has launched a new variant of Slice- A la Alphonso, the king of Mangoes that is widely found in Ratnagiri, Maharashtra.

The Katrina gal is indeed a lucky one to have the first "Slice" of "New Slice". Here's a dekko at this-

Oh, #KatrinaMissing was to find the #KingOfMangoes! That was a smart one, @TropicanaSlice ;)

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