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A Poem on - Bath & Beauty Indulgence

Take a dip
and soak yourself in
A little warm water
does no harm.

hang your boots
give elaborate showers two hoots
Time for you to 
spa your charm.

Petal some rose
or any aromatic oil you chose
You may also bubble up the water.

Take that Loofah
and pour ylang-ylang
and foam as far
in persuasion of deep pore clean

Scrub that Skin
take aromatic oil and pour in
time for some sponge bath

Play a little music
and cool your feet,
sprinkle some bath salt
Do the Sauna Waltz

relax and rejuvenate
for it is not too late
to pamper your body
and love your skin

For indulgence is not sin
No matter how beautiful you are within
A little Beauty Indulgence,
will love you thereafter.

Lee Miller in Adolf Hitler's bathtub, Munich 1945, by David E. Scherman


  1. Perhaps no amount of scrubbing will remove the stench she feels emanating from that Oedipal little Tub ?

  2. Yup! You've convinced me - it's bath-to-myself-tonight night!

    1. Go ahead and indulge in all luxury it offers.

  3. indulgence is no sin. I like that. I agree. We are all meant to live abundantly.

    1. Indeed! As long as we do not use any animal tested products or waste natural resources, Indulgence is definitely a life must have. Play it safe, play it cool.


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