Gastronomy and Home Delivery Restaurants in Mumbai

They say food business is perpetual, ever growing and quite a recession proof business. The segment offers a huge business potential irrespective of the city/ mode it is in. After all, we can live without cinema but not without food. Given the way, International cuisines have forayed in our kitchen and our plates, making us spoil for choices, we are on continuous drive to find something new and enticing for our palate.

I am an explorer of adventure, thrill and new things in life. I am an explorer of food as well. Given my love for food and a self proclaimed "foodie" tag, I am known to explore different cuisines and different eating outlets at different cities, Hence securing my self a place at different food clubs across the cities including being member of SMBLC [Kolkata Chapter], GoodFoodVeg and many others. 

When I shifted to Mumbai, my exploration took a little pause as I searched for like minded bloggers or Social media enthusiasts or even friends in city sharing the same option. However, there was a new mode that I discovered here and that is- Home Delivery!

My pizza deck on my junk food days
Mumbai is a big hub for Home Delivery system. From grocery to vegetables to Processed Food, everything is available at your doorstep. Almost every second restaurant [except fine dining] has provision for home delivery system. From Pizza to Burgers to Sandwiches and even ice-cream, you can get different food/ cuisines delivered at your doorstep. If you follow my blog, you can check about the new Biryani take away joint that I reviewed recently. 

Why Home Delivery
Well I would say, there is nothing better than going out and eating the instantly laid food at the restaurant but given the time constraint, and unplanned schedules, a lot of us prefer home delivery these days. here's telling you why-

1) It is faster, easier and quicker
2) Requires no Travelling time
3) You can order at the comfort of your living room
4) Not much difference quality wise
5) A boon for Bachelors, spinsters and people whose spouses are out of station and they are not too cooking types
6) When the cook does not turn and given your mood to not cook, home delivery is a good option and just a call away.
7) Escape Service Tax: Some dine-in outlets like Pizza hut etc charges you additional 10% in name of Service charges if you dine at their outlets. However this surcharge is not applicable on takeaway or home delivery. 
8) Great Discounts on Home delivery- Some of the restaurants, to promote their services, also offers good discounts from time to time.
9) Working Late hours at Office- Time for team bonding and mate, team bonds quite well over food whether it is mere packed boxes at the workplace. 
10) Weekend Brunch- Tired from cooking daily? Want to hang with friends but find dining out either too expensive or non personalized? Well time to call over your extended family, BFFs at home and throw in a surprise weekend brunch to bring in that lovely change of schedule in your regular city slicker life. Trust me it works.

World Cup and Home Delivery
It is time for much awaited world cup, when everyone is glued to their TV set, why should you spare your time in the kitchen? Call it a "Cricket day" and order a variety of food, right at your door step so that you can enjoy your matches, uninterruptedly. I remember how when I was staying in Gurgaon and sharing our 4 BHK flat  with another girl from same org, we would have friends over home for catching up on matches where food and drinks would pour in from our favorite joints including the new ones that newspaper just dropped info on. It was so much of fun and good time hanging with friends especially after work.

In every nook and corner, you would find the usual brands or local restaurants or global franchisee delivering food at your home. I would often go to some select sites like Zomato and all. Or would collect some interesting collateral from newspaper and check their food out. Home delivery of food in Mumbai has become quite easy and accessible process these days wherein you can not just call the restaurants directly but also can order food online or via some thrid party. 

Do share your home delivery experience with us including some good joints that you have come across. We can have them share on this blog.

Till then, 
Happy Blogging and Happy feasting
Haute kutir

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