How to Pick Right Footwear for Women

Last week I attended the launch of a new casual Footwear Brand in Mumbai. At the launch, I met some interesting people including some prospective buyers who were bogged by the numbers of shoes, varieties on the display. When the brand team suggested if I want to pick a shoe for self, I can tell them the detail and they will have it sent to me. I was like- Thanks but no thanks. As for me picking just any shoe is quite a fancy. A lot goes behind when I go out to buy a shoe for self or the known ones.

Being a woman, my shoe fancy has no limit, neither the designers of the world, who never cease to amaze me. I love all kind of shoes right from super comfortable runners shoes to those Kinky shoes to those adorable brands that Penny fancies in BBT. 

However the wide designs of footwear available, you cannot pick any shoe randomly, irrespective of the brand. Buying right footwear is very important for you, especially for a woman who is more prone to develop bones related disorders owing non-fitting or poor fitting or ergonomically challenged footwear, likes Bunions etc. Hence selecting the right footwear is highly important.

Tips on picking Right Footwear- Women
Selecting a shoe for a woman is a tough task given our penchant for highly fashionable, high-heeled shoes.

Here are some simple tips that you can follow while picking up that fascinating pair-

1) Check That Heels- Who does not love the high heel shoe? Well, it is your leg, ankles, toe and majorly, your spinal cord that does not. A Podiatrist friend of mine revealed that the majority of women that approached him were facing the issues due to excessive use of high heels.

So women, before you say "Heel the world", you should ponder over "heal the world". Suggest that if you are buying a shoe for regular wear; buy the one with least heel and a better foot support [read evenly distributed].

Heels are not just medically unsafe but also pose a great risk for postural and other structure related problems.

2) Buying the Right Size- Do not let the design blind your senses, rather go for shoes that are your size [almost the shape of your foot] and fits in comfortably. Often you would hear shoe sellers suggesting that a certain kind of shoe may tend to expand a bit post couple of usages. However, I do not substantiate these claims largely and always suggest buying a shoe that fits you better while trying

3) Select shoe by your foot and not by the size marked inside them- A lot of brands may differ their parameter on size. Irrespective of the fact that you have worn the same size of brand, comfortably earlier, you should try 1-2 different sizes [+/- your size] to ascertain the best fit

4) Right Time to buy a Right Shoe- Do not be surprised, medically proven, the size of the foot changes as we grow. However, trying the shoe at evening will be more likely to give you a better size result, as our foot tend to grow a little during the end of the day. There's always an exception, However, no harm in giving a shot.

5) Comfort fit- Ideally the bottom portion of your shoe should be sturdy and made with more solid material and the top portion should be made with soft material so they can easily take the shape of your foot without hurting them. 

6) Soft Straps and Laces- For regular wear, prefer sneaker or flats, the one teamed with laces to provide good support while walking

7) Anti Skid- Do not just bedazzled by the shoe design but also do look for "anti-skid" properties as these days, a lot of constructions are marble based especially office floors that tend to get slippery. Having a sole with anti-skid is indeed a bliss 

8) Let your foot breath- If you tend to wear your shoes for a longer duration, recommend to buy one which allows enough space for your foot to breath. Clogged shoe not just cause perspiration issues but also leads to making the covered skin dull and unhealthy over due course of time.

Well, what we discussed above is largely centered around the "healthy" tips. Being a style and beauty blogger, I do understand the importance of looking fashionably good. Here are few tips on that-

1) High heel makes you look slimmer. You need not to have pencil heels to look leaner. A little heel or occasional heel would be fine. However, your height is little short, avoid wearing shoes with ankles straps as it may make you look even shorter
2) Shoes and Hose are directly proportionate- One of the biggest Fashion Faux Pas is wearing a dark color shoe with a light color hose and vice versa. Ideally, shoe and hose colors should compliment each other. If you want to look taller and make your leg look thinner, try black.

Well, those were few tips that I could immediately recall. Besides, we have spent quite some time reading and learning these tips. It is the time now is to get some practical exposure and go some Shoe Shopping. Since it is raining in Mumbai, I would do some online shopping here

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