Healthy Breakfast Options with Kellogg's CornFlakes

Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. They say a good day begins with a good breakfast. While there are many options available for breakfast, the healthy options are quite less and if I may use the word- Mediocre. 

Yes, Mediocre. So what do you do to fight mediocrity? well, I say- get creative. Get Creative and how? And would that be healthy? Well yes, Creative could be healthy too and healthy can be tasty too. And all these things can be easy too. A good, healthy and tasty breakfast needs no fancy ingredients, endless hours of cooking. All it requires is a little thought and a little imagination. Families that understand this, they get popular as well. Just like our Kelloggs wale Guptaji, a family is known to churn some delectable "Anaaj ka Nashta" with none other than, star of all breakfast show, a must breakfast item across the world and highly popular in the segment- Kelloggs Cornflakes.

I have heard that the Gupta family has over 100 mouths watering recipe for breakfast. Yummm that sounds too good to be true. Well hold your horses, it is true and their recipe is widely available as well. I am going to check them out and see if they are just a hype or really worth the effort to get invited at their home for "guptaji ke ghar ka naashta".

Curious me, visited Anaaj ka Nashta page on facebook, and what I found there was nothing sort of a booty. Being a working woman and a wife, I am daunted every morning with one serious question- What is in breakfast? Husband dear doesn't like the plain cornflakes all the time, hence I have to scourge through the Internet in hunt of a new recipe. Knowing that Guptaji's family has bountiful of such, I could not resist. Here's what I found-

1) First Crush wala Naashta
The first one that took my fancy was this delectable feast made with Chocolate, walnut, and cornflakes. Now, who does not love chocolate? And nuts are such a must for a daily intake that I could not resist sharing this one-

It is not just a simple recipe but quick to make too. I can use the same to please my own Mr. Gupta and melt his heart on this chocolate friendly, healthy breakfast variant.

2) Passing The Parcel wala Naashta
Well like mother, like son. My husband is quite fond of sitaphal [custard apple] and what I have heard from him that my mom in law loves the fruit too. Besides, there is very few breakfast recipe that makes use of custard pulp. My in-laws are coming to Mumbai for a few days and this recipe looks like manna from heaven to cook and serve. I can imagine a wide smile on my charming mom-in-laws' face. For she is such a great cook that matching her is not possible. Let's rather delight her with something unique. So when I came across this delicious looking, healthy savory made with custard apple, like the neighbors in the video, I too could not stop but ask- Guptaji naashte pe kab bula rahe ho? [guptaji, when are you calling for breakfast]

Well this recipe, read reasons were good enough for me to cool my heels and ask Gupta, family, to invite me for lunch. The page had more recipe, which I will be exploring further this week. May be I will soon share the pictures here too. That is later but right now, seeing all these delectable, healthy and yet simple to cook breakfast option, had really kindled my appetite and I could not wait to go to their home for Naashta.

Now you know why I want to go to their home for breakfast? Wanna join?

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