The Curious Case of #Bon6 Baton!

Last Evening, when I was making arrangements for a Karaoke and High tea evening with my friends, a mysterious box wrapped in brown paper envelope, was delivered in my courier. I ran through the party checklist and this is what I found-

Invites- Sent- Check
Decor- Work in progress
Food- All arranged- Check
Return Gifts- Check
Lighting - Check
Karaoke Setting- Pending

I glanced back at the box and was unsure if it was a part of decor or Karoake. It was a small, square box that looked like this-

Bon6 hmmm looked interesting... I looked for the sender and it said- #BonTheOriginal.

I have heard about the #Bond, The famous James Bond. Though I never heard about #Bon and wore my Bond glasses and tried to spy around the package.

In my quest, I also posted a note on my FB asking the sender identify themselves. Not able to contain my curiosity, and my excitement, I decided to open the box and unfold the mystery!

Whoa! I loved what I saw.

Aha! If you are curious to know what it is, then read this post again and I will give you hint that you can use-

Hint- Super Surround Sound that can blow your mind!

It has even blew away VJ Bani's mind. Here, have a dekko, how-

Wanna see this Mystery Unfold? Well- well..patience my Dear Watson. Stay tuned to this space to know more. The secret would be unveiled tomorrow.

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PS: Haute Kutir is excited to be among the select first few to unveil the Mystery of Bon6. Stay tuned to the blog and other social handle for more such updates.

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Do not forget to come back tomorrow to discover the #Mystery.
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