Review of Livon Moroccan Silk Serum

Why Use Hair Serum?

Girls, what are your biggest hair woes?
Hair Fall?
Dull Hair?
Hair Thinning?
Grey hair?

Well to accommodate all of the above or as applicable, I am sure you use an X brand of shampoo, Y conditioner, Z hair oil and so. If we go by the expert suggestion, they would have recommended us to spare all the "consumer" hair products and go for only "Professional" care which translates to quite a high amount of chemicals et all. So fine, you have used the "right" shampoo, oil and conditioner to groom your falling hair or control that Dandruff. What next? You still have that unmanageable, tangled and dull post-wash hair which does not feel as good.

I have checked with 20 female friends, colleagues of mine, randomly, asking what do they look in for the post-wash hair? Unsurprisingly, a majority of them suggested- Elasticity [the fall] and comb-ability. In simple words, they looked for "detangled hair that looks good even 48 hours post wash". Interestingly, one said that their hair often loses the original shape post wash and needs at least 24 hours to come back in shape as per the haircut.

No matter the best-est shampoo or conditioner we use, we may still need some sunshine to tress up our dull mane. Often, hair wash leaves our hair tangled and making it difficult to work your way out to detangle them. Probably the reason, a lot of us are tempted to comb them while wet, leading to root weakening.

Here's when "Serums" come. Hair serum helps you to smooth out the rough end of your hair, making them easy to comb through. Smooth hair not just looks better but are effective to accentuate the actual hairstyle that you sport.

Livon Moroccan Silk Serum
Livon is probably the pioneer of hair serum in India. If you recall the early 2000s, a small plastic bottle with a white seal storm it's the way in the market, making itself a household product for women's haircare range. Well, that was Livon for you. 

Last December, Livon launched a new hair serum - Livon Moroccan Silk serum which has the best of Moroccan oil [ a manna ingredient for hair care] and infused with Argan Oil. The Livon Moroccan Silk Serum comes in a pretty, slender white- pink transparent, pump bottle and is priced at Rs 255 for 59 ml.

What does Brand Claim
Moroccan Argan Oil makes hair softer, restores shine, strengthens the thin brittle hair and protects from UV while reversing damaged hair. The UV Filter protects the hair from the sun. Vitamin E in the Argan oil deeply nourishes hair while the Japanese conditioning agent gives long lasting radiance. New Livon Moroccan Silk Serum with precious Moroccan Argan Oil detangles your precious hair, prevents its breakage so that you experience the beauty of smooth, silky, free-flowing hair. 

My Experience of using Livon Moroccan Silk Serum
I am not a regular serum user but I generally use Wella's hair serum and some time the Hair Balm from Schwarzkopf Bonacure range [review coming soon], especially when I need to blow dry or curl my hair.

Livon is a brand that my mother is most fond of and have used it earlier. My prior experience with Livon was not superlative and I have actually never given it much thought. So when the brand hosted a launch event for bloggers, I was conveniently away at Coorg, reviewing The Tamara resort. Funnily, when the brand wanted to send the samples, I told them that I liked their "magic lantern" that I saw in pictures then endorsing a plan to change my current hair serum- Wella. I liked the pink-hued bottle and overall packaging and thought of giving it a try. Good, that I tried Livon Moroccan Silk Serum. It is totally worth.

What I liked about Livon Moroccan Silk Serum
The serum is lightweight and bores no strong smell. It is mildly perfumed and easy to squeeze in and spread on the palm.  I found the serum very smooth and effective. It spreads quite easily and gives an instant smooth feel to the hair. 

I normally pump one squeeze of the serum, spread evenly on my palm and then I smother it down on my hair length, starting from top to ends. Oh yes, I used it on almost dried hair and semi-damp hair as well. It worked better for me both the time. 

The packaging in a pink floral motif and font is cute and does not look out of style in your closet. Besides, the transparent plastic unbreakable bottle is handy, sturdy and clear to ascertain the exhaust level and refill time. The pump and cap seal the bottle well, making it handy and easy to use.
  1. Product experience substantiates the claim
  2. It is simple to use and easy to spread
  3. It is very smooth and effective
  4. A little quantity works wonder
  5. Can be used on dried hair as well
  6. Economical Price point over Wella, L'Oreal and Schwarzkopf Serums
  7. Easy to carry
  8. Gives quite a smooth finish to hair and lasts till next wash [2-3 days easily]
  9. It is non-greasy
What I did  not like about it
I have used it only 3-4 times and have nothing in particular except that it does not really de-tangle it as well and I have to still use my paddle brush.

I wish Livon does something for Grey hairs too :P

Haute Kutir Verdict: Hair serum is a vital part of hair care routine for people with dry, dull and heavily tangled hair. Livon Moroccan Silk Serum is economical, easy to use a serum with the goodness of exotic Moroccan Argan oil. It also has sunscreen to protect your hair from harmful UV exposure and, Vitamin E to nourish. It does not just smother the hair, making feels silky on every touch, it also makes them look little shiny and in shape. It works a great extent of tangling your hair by softening them. 

It is an improved version of the original Livon Hair serum. The Serum is non-greasy but post-application it leaves it smooth trails on your palms and is advisable to wash off. In nutshell, you must give it a try and given its usability and form factor, it is good to carry a pack while traveling. At this price, it is a steal!

Do I Recommend this? Yes

Is it Effective for Colored and styled hair? Yes

Haute Kutir Tip on using Serum: Please do not apply Livon as hair oil. It has to be taken in a small portion i.e. maximum of 2 drops and should be worked from the middle portion to hair lengths till the end. Use the residual serum on your palm softly over the top part of the hair, avoiding the scalp.

Haute Kutir Rating: 4/5

PS: The above image is temporarily used, my pictures will come soon.

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