The Body Shop Red Musk Eau De Parfum Review


Last week I was invited to attend the new store inauguration of "The Body Shop" at Palladium, Lower Parel. I almost skipped the event given the busy schedule at office but finally give in to the temptation to explore their new store and some of the new launches, for upcoming Valentine's Day gifting. Yes, given my fondness [read excessive stock] of brands like Crabtree and Evelyn, Nivea and others, I had barely used The Body Shop products except their foot mist and a post pedicure, foot butter, but their products have always made its way in my gifting basket. The recipients loved them, may be it is time for me to start using more of them.
I have got both the invites i.e. for media launch in the noon and the store inauguration engagement with bloggers at evening. However, given my schedule, I chose evening and I am glad that I could make it and met all the lovely people from The Body Shop team there. The store inauguration was a well designed and well executed affair, and I simply loved their team there. 

One thing that caught my fancy was the new range of EDPs at store. The range included some fantastic EDP from the family of spice including - Cinnamon, Pepper and hold your breath- Tobacco.

I can see of you going eewwww when I mentioned tobacco. Well, it smelled nothing of cigarettes, hookah, ashtray or any such thing morbid but quite a soulful notes that was neither too sweet, nor die hard masculine. So ladies you need not have to run away, screaming, hands throwing off on air basis what you hear but use your senses and try it out. 

The Body Shop Red Musk EDP

The Product: The EDP is unconventional, yet subtle and blends it well. The best part is that it is not out an out typical floral but a note of mist, musk, wood and sharp yet subtle spice that lingers your senses without over empowering it. Well for me, it is my kind of wear.

The EDP comes at different quantity and prices but the one that I got is a 60ml bottle priced at Rs 2995. It makes quite a good prospect for gifting as well. After all, luxury, brand and seduction at such price is a lethal combo.

The EDP is packed in a tinted cylindrical glass bottle, packaged in Red, Black and crusty crimson color, spelling warmth and seduction. The packaging is very ordinary and the price lower than existing MOP would have helped the product penetrate the market better. However, it is a "musk" and not exactly "perfume" and hence having a strong bodied scent would have contradicted its essence.

The fact that this including other TBS products, is a "Cruelty Free" product, makes it even more desirable.

Haute Kutir Verdict
I love EDPs, mist and fragrances, a trait well explained with the variants of fragrances that I hold in my closet. Oh I need no occasion to wear my fragrances. I at times wear them to my bed, even to my study on a dull noon. While I love fragrances but off late I am little choosy about what I wear. I love floral fragrances but I hate excessive Saccharine tones in them. Too much of sweetness is boring and alarming ;)

Though I am non smoker but when I heard "Tobacco" infused with Cinnamon notes in EDP, I was curious to explore. Now Tobacco is a strong ingredient and marrying it with cinnamon and pepper is quite a challenging feat that The Body Shop has nailed well. I kind of liked what I found. For me, TBS' Red Musk EDP is a perfectly well blended, spicy, unconventional musk rather than an actual perfume that I would like to wear, and wear often. I loved its sexy and spicy yet subtle finish. It may not last for hours but it would neither give you headache when you wear. Perchance, building a little more bodied note would have desirable.

In 3 words- it is sophisticated, Grown up and Smokey Hot!
Go ahead and Indulge!
Do I recommend: Definitely Yes, if you are not that conventional user who loves excessive "sweet incense" like smell. 

Would I buy again? Yes

Will it replace Ferrari Red EDT and Polo Ralph Lauren Red EDT on my shelf? Too early to say on replacement scale but it will definitely eat share of pie from them :) The price could have been

PS: I am doing a #ValentinesDay Gift ideas #ForHer #ForHim on my instagram handle- ektakhetan. Do follow me on Instagram to see my regular "micro blogging" updates there and also, if The Body Shop Red Musk EDP finds it's place on the list or not.

Till then, happy Lingering!
Haute Kutir
PS: If you have tried this EDP, do share your feedback here, on the comments forum below. See ya.


  1. I have been using Body Shop products for long and I really like them, though I haven't used the Red Musk yet.

    1. Hi Somali,
      Do try the musk. Though it is not very long lasting fragrance and the fragrance dies sooner than you realize :(


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