Baby Bed Time Rituals with Pampers

When a baby is born, a mother is born too. The amount of labor that goes in carrying a baby and nurturing one is indisputable. There is no joy like watching your baby. Also, no joy like seeing your baby sleep peacefully and comfortably.

Yeah! Making babies is a herculean task but making babies sleep is no less a feat that a lot of mothers will vouch to still struggle around.  After all,  good sleep is a sign of good nurture and good health. Babies who sleeps well and peacefully are known to be more healthy than the one who do not get adequate sleep, leading to insomnia for the whole family as well. There is lot of tricks and treats that are involved while putting your baby to sleep and no, medication is not a good idea ever.

I am not a mother yet but let me tell you, I have hands on experience of raising two newborns in the family. My affinity and popularity with children came handy as the traditional tips and knowledge that I gathered from my maternal grandmother during those times.

Bed Time could be Fun time too
Sleepless nights are a pass. Mothers today, know what ticks their baby and clicks for them. The trick is simple, quick and easy to adopt. One need not have to go overboard stressing about the same. All I would say is that know your baby, understand their pattern and you could be a hell lot of sleep therapist in the bargain.

Here’s few of the bedtime rituals that you can adopt to ensure that your baby not just sleeps faster but sleep comfortably-

Keep your baby clean, all the Time - Children have a tendency to litter up everything in the vicinity including their milk bottles and their own saliva. Do ensure that your surroundings including the Kid’s bed, linens, clothes and most importantly pants are soft, comfortable and clean. Ensure that the ambience is well lit and peaceful. Avoid using harsh lights as that act as a sleep barrier. I recommend lots of cartoon printed linen and stuffed toys to be a child's sleep partner for their Disney dreams.

A little Body massage and a hot towel wrap up- Who does not love a little pamper :) Well you can use mild baby oil to give an additional massage in the evening, followed by dipping a soft baby towel in lukewarm water and sponging your baby with it. Do not forget to change your baby into a clean and soft, light colored clothes. All through, you can play a cartoon character or tell animated stories to your baby.

Sing a lullaby- Mother’s voice, a soft tap on head or running fingers through hair, would easily help ease out a child and help him/her to put to sleep. It is uber cute when the child looks at your mouth while singing and tries to play with it. Kiss the hands, they are your gugli-woogly babies.

Mother’s Touch- Nothing could substantiate or substitute a mother's touch. A child may not be able to speak or express but knows the mother and her body fragrance really well. So make use of it, bring more proximity. there is a lot of things magical about the sense- Touch!

Sleep Cycle- When Dhruv, my maasi’s son was an infant, we used to manage his sleep cycles by keeping a close view on his sleep timings and hours. Since he was away from his mother, me and my grandma would see to it that he doesn’t sleep post sunset so that he can sleep at night say around 9:00 pm. To keep him awake at odd sleeping hours, I would play "tickle-nickle" with him. he used to laugh, giggle with his eyes wide open. Hmph

Baby Feed- Keywards are gripe water, milk and normal water to ensure that a child is well fed [neither under nor over] as a filled stomach induces sleep. Make it less mechanical and more playful. Like I used to take baby food in a spoon and play around asking- who's gonna eat this yum? The birds? The sun? The stars? or the little rockstar :) The kid will throw his hand and say-yaya yaya in his broken language. Fun!

Tender love and care- Well a lots of it and it is never sufficient. It starts with kisses, proceeds with hugs & kisses and ends with kisses. Like I said, a mother’s touch is capable of curing a child from many ill. Some children just love that cuddle. Ishu, as a child was naughty and would not sleep unless you cuddle him well. You move him out from embrace, he will wake up. You fold him back in your arms and he will sleep smilingly.

Well those were some of the fun bedtime rituals that you can choose. They are easy and comes natural being a mother. To know more do visit Pamper’s website. 

Let me also leave you with this cute ad. have a dekko. And yes, do drop in your feedback and if there is a specific bedtime ritual that you follow for your child, in the comments section of this blog 

Happy Reading and Happy Motherhood
Haute Kutir

PS: the Video is courtesy Pampers and Indibloggers

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  1. Sleep cycle is very very important. Loved the opening line of your post.


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