Product Launch & Review: Unveiling #BonTheOriginal AKA #NewBritanniaBourbon

A couple of days back, in my post "A Curious Case of #Bon6 Baton, I was planning a Karaoke Party with my friends,  I have seeded a mystery box with Super Surround Sound. If you are not following me on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram or haven't read my post hitherto, I recommend you to read- The Curious case of #Bon6 Baton.

The hint that I gave you-

1) The cover box with an image
2) Hashtag #BonTheOriginal
3) Crystal Coating with Super Surround Sound

Now if you are already following me on Instagram and Twitter, you would have seen the #Mystery unfold. 

Here's my Instagram 15 sec "Crisp" video wherein I unboxed the #BonTheOriginal and revealed to you- #NewBritanniaBourbon-

The Video went viral post the #unboxing Video by VJ Bani and Model K Kharbanda. I know a lot of you expected it to be a phone, some said its phablet [goo dthinking] and some thought it is a new sound system. I know a few hearts were broken but I am all game to seal them with a crispy tasty biscuit ensconced in "even more" chocolatey flavor and dunked in crystal sugar coating- New Britannia Bourbon

New Britannia Bourbon

Britannia, a trusted name in daily confectionery and bakery products, needs no introduction here. So does one of its flagship English style product- Bourbon Biscuits.

So what is New about Britannia Bourbon?
The new Britannia Bourbon is even more creamy, crunchy and gist-fully- chocolatey! Here's more-

Super Surround Sound
I know a lot of you would wonder as in what is super surround sound for a chocolate biscuit, and it is a trait most associated with a sound system. However, you would still not discard the importance of crunch for any biscuit especially a cream biscuit that not just preserve the taste but makes it easier to carry and eat anytime. Often, the crunchiness is determined by the sound, so what if you dunk it in tea/ Milk like I do ;)

They say- The proof of the pudding is in eating. So go ahead, grab your New Britannia Bourbon today and indulge in good taste!

Team Haute Kutir

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