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At Haute Kutir, we love shopping, we love dining out and love to explore new places! Somehow shopping expeditions are seldom pre-planned but mostly ad hoc. Thank God for Plastic money and net banking to have made our expeditions even more extravagant, convenient and quick. Imagine, carrying so much of money in your wallet when going out! Naah! Being a shopaholic, I often found myself liking something at odd times especially when I did not have sufficient cash or was not carrying my purse or cards. Men! I hate credit cards as much as I hate influenza. Needless to say, I have a titanium credit card that I barely used or could keep tab of pending payments and ended up making paying LPC, eventually leading to scrapping the card for good. 

I am a very mobile savvy person and these days I love banking with netbanking more than what I do with debit cards. Ease of transaction, my friend and also you can immediately check your transactions and do more on your netbanking tool. Eve then, netbanking is mostly restricted to comfort of your homes/office, read switching big bulky laptops and computers to carry forward the transactions. 

There is no joy like Mobile wallet
Technology is changing and screens are converging. These days there is nothing as handy, as available as our smartphones with in built connectivity for 3G data, on the go. I am already using Airtel money but not having many options in Mumbai, the mobile wallet is as redundant for me as my broadband instrument in sans of connectivity [copper] at my home. So next is what?

Digital Banking
Since we love netbanking so much, time has come to take it further ahead and make it even more accessible much to the comfort of our mobile phone. Talking about Mobile banking, I can see a lot of us go eeeew about the concept, thinking about things like, I want to use but-

1) The limitation of small screen to accommodate such vast need
2) Safety concerns
3) Availability of right platform and partner
4) What is in "it" for me?

So if your answer is anyone of the above or all of them, read more about my visit at Axis Bank Corporrate Office, Worli, Mumbai.

Digital Banking with AXIS Mobile
Last Saturday, we attended an informative and interactive session with team Axis at their Worli office. Wherein, they have introduced their new concept- A mobile Banking App- "Axis Mobile" to the select bloggers invitee across the city and some from Pune too.

We reached the venue a little late but the Axis team did not leave any stone un-turn to explain us the entire concept in quite an exhaustive and experiential manner. The best things about the meeting was-

1) Well organized Venue - the company premises itself to see/experience the infrastructure/ people behind the bank
2) Well learned Team Axis- They demonstrated us different options of the digital Axis using the desk conferencing tool
3) The set up- As I said it was less preachy but highly engaging and interactive and experience oriented
4) Good Hospitality
5) Company of some good bloggers wherein we could interact with a lot of known, unknown faces behind the taglines or handles that we often follow. Thank God and brand teams for such meet wherein you get to meet lovely co-bloggers and exchange information/knowledge
6) An enriching experience that would be very applicable irrespective of genre, and enriched with content that we do use in our everyday life including as part of blogger's activity and information that would empower us, the way we transact financially
7) The beautiful Tribal Painting at the venue. Have a look-

What is Digital Axis or Axis Mobile
Axis mobile is not a new brand of handset but is like carrying your bank in your pocket. It is a simple, user friendly, convenient and allegedly secure mobile banking option that has been added to your #Smartphone

Who all can use Axis Mobile
All Axis bank customers [resident and NRIs] 

What do you need for Axis Mobile
1) A smartphone with any of these OS- Windows, Android, iOS 
2) Active Internet connection- pref 3G

In short, the app has more than 50 features including general transaction like Account details, summary, balance, etc.
Funds transfer, paying utility bills, mobile shopping, adding beneficiaries [Axis only], resetting your transaction limits/ credit limits and customized NFC [ Near Field Communication] applications like finding restaurants nearby with any existing offer, social media integration, viewing- redeeming your Edge Loyalty point anytime,  converting your credit card transactions to EMI with one simple click and much more. You can check the details at the AXIS Bank website

Why Axis Calls it Safe and Secure Mobile Banking
It has sim locking feature wherein on-boarding is only with bank registered mobile number. 
You can request for blocking/ replacing your credit card/ debit cards hassle free, at convenient of the phone with fewer click.
You have an option to get your app account terminated on your handset in case it is lost or stolen

My experience with the App- I am a non active Axis user. Hence, I did not download the app instantly on my phone but was quite stimulated to do so. Basis what I saw via live demo and my discussion with the app team, the app looks quite promising and convenient. I am looking for a bank rep now who can help me shift my old Axis account to Mumbai and then I would consider switching to it basis the personalized help I get. My current bank gives me relationship manager though.

Overall, the bloggers meet was definitely very informative and fun to be there. It was a double treat for me when I got to meet the lovely blogadda team members including Hari and Sushma, along with meeting other blogger friends especially- Disha Kotak Ramani, Rathina, Sherna, Aziz, Angel "Monish Chandon", Stephen Ste, Ankit, Nandini Deka among others.

What I wore for the event- Lara Karen Top, Levis Jeans
Make up- Bare minimum except an eye liner and lip gloss from L'Oreal [Molten Mauve- review coming soon]

This post is about 'Make the Axis Acquaintance' meet conducted by Axis Bank in association with 


  1. You have covered the whole event precisely. This app will set the benchmark.It was pleasure meeting you :) by d way we forgot groupfie .

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