Oriflame One Range: Review of The One Color Impact Eyeshadows

Who does not love an eye make up? Especially when it is quick to do and accentuate your look with minimal makeup, accentuating your beautiful eyes and pulling that Charisma.

I love eye makeup and wear bit often even for regular office, movie dates or any outings. My love for eye makeup took me to experimenting different brands from the Victoria's Secret Makeup Palette to many other brands. My favorite eye makeup look is- Smokey eyes especially Black smokey eyes.  

Having said that, I must also reiterate that I hate spending long hours and doing elaborate makeup. I somehow like the minimal look wherein I like to focus one feature on my face and keep rest subdue or sport a bare minimum look. I am bored of my "just an eyeliner" or "mere lipstick" routine and wanted to do more.

However, challenges that I always faced while using eye makeup-

1) Elaborate base make up to cover my dark circles
2) Short staying products

My late work hours and late sleeping routine blessed me with quite a deep dark circle around my eyes. And given my laziness to do elaborate makeup, I always end up avoiding using eye shadows. Not anymore. For Oriflame had introduced one hell lot of little magical boxes filled with some amazing colors in its "One Color Impact Eyeshadows" range that I can't stop coo-cooing about it.

The One Color Impact Eye Shadows
It is a high-performance formulation that delivers bold eye finishes that create an impact. Unique texture transforms from cream to powder on application to deliver great color intensity and a rich and even finish [Source: Brand Claim]

It is priced at Rs 449 for 4 grams and is available through Oriflame DSAs [Direct Selling Agents] throughout the Country. It has "Innovative cream to powder like texture", Promises supreme pigment payoff which builds for intense coverage and has Polymer Technology to improve the long wear, among the others.

Shades Available- Rose Gold, Golden Brown, Shimmering Steel, Olive Green, Deep Indigo, Intense Plum.

Haute Kutir Experience: We tried all the shades and cannot say how much my team loved it. My personal favorite is- Rose Gold. The shade may not have a deep coverage or great tint display for makeup but makes a great base or stand alone shadow. It can be worn on the daily basis as well and help making the dark areas near eyes, look brighter. I love that extra sparkle that shone through even the dark room. Yes, for me the Rose shade stayed a little longer than expected. 


Here's what I liked about-
1) It is easy to apply and blend
2) Creamy base which provides smooth and blended application
3) The shades covers from pearly sheen to matte finish
4) It is "Long lasting" without touch ups
5) The amazing colors
6) Easy to remove, does not leave harsh residual behind.
7) Non-allergic

What I did not like about them-
1) I did not like the Blue shade as much and think it could have been better given the color blue is quite festive from the prospect itself. 
2) It has tendency to get a little thick even though you have capped the container really well
3) Availability available only through DSAs as per Oriflame overall model. This restricts the products' reach in the market.

Haute Kutir Verdict: Like I mentioned above that we loved the product and found it non-allergenic as well. It provides good coverage and has a long wear property. The bottles are easy to carry and store. The price is little on a higher end but the quantity makes for it. It is any day better than most of the powder eyeshadows widely available. 

Haute Kutir Recommends Oriflame One Color Impact Eye Shadows



  1. I liked your review, very well-written :)

    1. Thank you so much. You just motivated me :)

  2. I love all the colors, wish can buy one or two.

    1. You can buy sweetheart and do try the Rose Gold. I just loved it!


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