Review of L'Oreal Paris Skin Perfecter Range

These days, every time I want to buy any cream for my face, I am bogged down by too many "Day creams", Night creams, BB creams, Sun Screen, Complexion perfecter, Face moisturizer, anti ageing creams et cetera. The moment the product salesperson see you in store, they inundate you with this cream, that cream and the works.

Seriously, it is then I get in to "no experimentation" mode and return back to my usual products or so as to say play safe. Now, I am a very lazy person. In spite of having a book full of beauty care and tips, my personal beauty regime is bare minimum. Blame it to my over occupied schedule or self carelessness. If only blaming things could make it easier for you especially for your skin. 

When it comes to skin care, one cannot take any chance, hence, the reason why several brands comes up with multiple creams, vying for your shelf space and wallet share. What you buy, is not sufficient and has to be additionally embedded with other products. To make my point clear, it is like- buy a moisturizer but to make it effective, use the same brand's Face wash, sunscreen, night moisturizer, fairness cream and to many extents- age reversal solution to bring in impact. Phew! Too many cream bottles, vials, tubes for one to carry. Also, a lot of time it leaves you to struggle- Is it suitable for your age?

What if you get multiple product benefits in one product?

Well I am not kidding, nor am I trying to push you a very expensive branded solution or "no performer" unknown products. I am just highlighting a breakthrough and innovative concept that I recently came through and tried for self!

L'Oreal Paris Skin Perfecter Range

As the age changes, the skin care needs change too. Addressing the skincare with specific products for that age is quite challenging and needs attention. Hence, L'Oreal has introduced Skin Perfect, a revolutionary skin care range backed by 10 years of extensive research at their Innovation Labs.  [Source- Brand]

What does it offer
The product, with high performing active ingredients, offers a unique sensorial experience with visibly beautifying results. According to them, each product in this range is scientifically crafted with most enriching ingredients that can fortify and replenish the vitality of your skin. The range has been formulated to give visible results within 4 weeks of usage. 

The range uses Superior Vitamin 3X technology that combines Vitamin B3, Vitamin C and Vitamin E, which are well known for their skin enhancing properties along with deep whitening actives that work on improving skin tone to give you healthy looking skin at any age.  
[Source- Brand release]

Products under this Range
It starts from Age 20+ and goes up to Age 40+

Age 20+ Skin Perfect range 
It is day cream with cleansing foam and, is combined with Perlite and Salicylic acid that helps keeping oiliness, pimples and blemishes at bay while giving you that clear skin glow. Hmm at age bracket of 20+ having a clear and bright skin is indeed desirable. 

This also have UV filter to protect skin from harmful sun rays that cause skin darkening. SO it not just moisturize but also whitens your skin, make it look flawless and glow.

The cream comes in 50g and 18g quantity and priced at Rs 325 and Rs 99 respectively

Age 30+ Skin Perfect range 
It is a moisturizing cream containing pro Collagen that helps in fighting those fine lines that starts appearing in your early 30s. It again comes in 50G and 18g quantity and priced at Rs 425 and Rs 149 respectively.

Age 40+ Skin Perfect range 
This helps addressing all those skin problems taht comes with ageing. it is packed with Pro Retinol A that helps get rid of wrinkles and aids in revitalizing skin.  It can be your secret to a "flawless" skin even after age 40+. 
This comes in 50G pack costing Rs 595/-

The Skin Perfect Range also has a cleanser foam for both Age 20+ and Age 30+

What I liked about them
Holistically talking, few of the things that I like about the range are-
  • Comprehensive range with extensive detailing
  • Quite Economical as it offers multiple benefit in one product
  • Inclusive of Facial foaming cleanser along with the cream to ensure that you need not worry about skin care but get over all care.
  • Quite Economical for the benefit it offers and quantity it gives
  • Non comeodogenic formula
  • Dermatological tested and extensively researched
  • From the trusted house of L'Oreal Paris [One range for multiple needs like hair, skin care and makeup and quite a superlative quality in all of them]
  • Easily available
  • Covering from 20+ to 40+, making it a great buy for whole family at one go!

Haute Kutir Experience with L'Oreal Paris Skin perfecter Range
Well for some reason, I tried the age 30+ skin perfect range and liked it from the word go. I have a sensitive facial skin and any SPF above 15, makes it go haywire with breakouts, the brand has nothing to do with it. Basis my usage, I would concur-
  1. I loved the soft and smooth texture that was easy to apply, spreads well and does not leave the skin dry
  2. The cream's consistency is quite good
  3. I loved the packaging [sturdy, simple while focusing more on content and elaborating the ingredients so you can check composition] and the overall concept
  4. Post usage, my skin felt illuminated, fair and oozed out great confidence
  5. I found the price quite reasonable
  6. The scent is quite pleasant but am usually scared of using skin care products with scents
  7. The product exuberants radiance

The only thing that I did not like about the product is it has SPF 30+ and hence it is not as suitable to my skin, given that I have allergy to SPF above 15. Guess, the composition is right for this product and in general barely few people have sunscreen intolerance like me [Gosh I sound like Howard from TBBT with his Lacto Intolerance].

Nevertheless, my team would be trying the other two cream as well and we shall soon share their feedback with you over a "quick" post. In case if you are contemplating to buy, then you must go ahead and try for self depending upon the age range you fall into. I would be gifting this to my "Olay Royalist Mom" who is the actual owner of Haute Kutir but very indifferent to change her usual skin care products, just to see what she has to say on this. 

Haute Kutire Verdict-At this price, given the brand's history of excellence through innovation and most importantly, the benefit it offers, the range it caters, I would suggest buy. Go ahead and pamper your skin today. Remember, a healthy skin needs not much make up and even then, makes a good base for make up. I am sure you will like the product as much as I did. however you have an allergy to sunscreen, then you can avoid the ones with SPF 30 and above.
Till such time, happy reading Haute Kutir and be the beautiful person you are.

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