Restaurant Review- Ammi's Biryani in Mumbai

The rice and Biryani lover in me could not decline the invitation sent by the hospitable team of Ammi's Biryani, to come and try their specialty. I could not attend their launch in November and visited their outlet in Malad West to review their food and appetizers.

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A little bit about Ammi's Biryani
Ammi's Biryani is a flagship brand of Bangalore based TMA hospitality Services Ltd.  It started in 2008, out of a solitary outlet in kormangla, Bangalore, and now has spread across with 40 outlets in Bangalore, 20 in Chennai. They have currently launched and opened 6 outlets in Mumbai.

Ammi's Biryani has been awarded as the best QSR chain in South India at the Indian restaurants awards, consecutively for last 2 years. The brand emphasizes on good and healthy food with a unique concept of "Biryani in a box" with guaranteed delivery in next 45 minutes. 

Cuisine: Kachchi Dum Biryani
Outlet type: Casual Dine in and Takeaway and delivery
Serves: Veg/ Non Veg
Cost of two: Rs 200 to Rs 500
Serves liquor: No
Home Delivery: yes

The Menu

The Food
Ammi's Biryani offers veg/ non veg food including starters, Biryani, Wraps, desserts and beverage. The food was on the house and I requested for small, bite size portions only for tasting purposes.

On our arrival, we were served with ready-made welcome drinks which included Aam Panna and Lemonade. It was made with artificial flavors but quite soothing on the afternoon. The Panna missed the taste but that was well taken care  by the lovely starters.

We then proceeded with starters which included Gobhi Kasundi, Achari Aloo, Chicken Seekh Kebab and Mutton Sheekh Kebab.

Vegetarian Starters [Pic Courtesy: Self]

Chicken Seekh Kebab {pic Courtesy: Self]
Team HK Verdict: I loved Gobhi kasundi and it's mild yet pungent flavors. The dish was succulent and well cooked. Wherein Achari Aloo were decent and ended up playing second fiddle to Gobhi Kasundi.

Soya Veg Keema Pau [ Pic courtesy: Self]
Off the non veg items, Chicken was well endowed with spices and released the flavor well with the taste. Mutton Seekh was decent.

Main course
We tried 3 different types of Veg Biryani and Non Veg Biryani inclusive of Pindi Chole Biryani, Veg Hyderabadi Biryani, Paneer Soya Biryani, Chicken hyderabadi Biryani, Mutton Hyderabadi Biryani and Egg Biryani.

A close view of the Egg Biryani [Picture Courtesy: Self]
The biryanis were served with some plain yogurt, seasoning and onion Salad. It also had a portion of kheer included. The overall taste of Biryanis was quite mild and except the Veg hyderabadi Biryani, Pindi chole Biryani and Chicken Hyderbadi Biryani, none could create any impression. Since the Biryani was not cooked in traditional mode but subscribes to "Kachchi Dum style" preparation, their flavors came out as more mild, cosmopolitan and balanced. 

Between the starter and main course, we have also tried Soya Keema pav in veg and non veg. Since I am not a big Soya fan and the dish being quite bland to my taste, I could not appreciate it much.

A good meal is never complete without a good dessert. I do not have a sweet tooth but at Ammi's Biryani, the Dessert stole the show completely. We were served Matka Phirni and Kashmiri Meetha, both of them were out of world and tasted absolutely fantastic.

A must try at Ammi's Biryani. 

Wrapping up the meal
Post lunch, we were served Sulaimani Chai, which became another favorite from the store. The Sulaimani chai was again pre made mix, dipped in hot water and slice of lemon. The tea tasted heavenly and would be one big reason for me to visit Ammi's Biryani as they do not deliver it on home delivery. The concoction was not available for sale either to save my visits, nor it was included in the home delivery list and that served as a big a minus point for me. 

So did I liked Ammi's Biryani?
Well the answer is a sure yes. I liked the outlet for following reasons-

1) The Sulaimani Tea [but off course]- you must try it to comprehend what I meant.
2) The "biryani in box" concept
3) The economical pricing- I know good food comes with a price tag but sometimes you also look for taste, convenience and value for money. Off late, in our busy schedule, we do not wish to cook at home and wish to have something above the instant noodles at a decent price tag. Ordering from outside is not always economical right? esp if you are a single person to dine and minimum order value is way too much than you can eat.
4) Home delivery option- Home or office or even on the go, the brand offers a standardized offering in a neatly made box wherein you can select from different options and order Biryani and other assorted dishes irrespective of the venue. The store did not had much hassle about the "minimum order value" and the value bar devised by them is quite logical.
5) Standardized Food- Ammi's Biryani has a unique mode of serving the "ready made" food with little alterations which includes heating and mixing of ingredients at the outlet level. They do not operate any kitchen at their stores which saves away a lot of time, ensure food standardization across outlets and a uniform hygiene system. I was told that they get their fresh supply on daily basis through their central warehouse / kitchen with adequate measures taken to preserve the nutrition of the food along with taste.

Biryani in the Box

Ammi Biryani is also positioning itself against Dominos, Pizza Hut, Subway extra by bringing the "ready to order" and delivered in due time home/office delivery system. They have a turnaround time for 45 minutes for delivery. For all Chicken Biryani Buffs in Mumbai, AB has introduced " Mumbai chicken Biryani".

Haute Kutir's Verdict: I am a vegetarian and a Biryani lover who loves her Biryani hot and little spicy. The flavors at Ammi's Biryani were however, more mild but as they said- it was made in true Kachchi dum style which is meant to be more plain than spicy. Well spice is a trait that can be added over the food to suit individual's palate. You can always add it to the cooked food but cannot substract it. On that count Ammi's Biryani scored high for me. I loved the concept, I liked the execution. The outlets were clean and the "Biryani in box" was neat. 

The food chain is not just one course wonder but offers interesting and delectable food inclusive of starters, main course and desserts. The convenience factor is high, food is wholesome and suitable for even children and people who like their food subtle, healthy.

Do I recommend? Yes
Will I visit them again? Yes

Haute Kutir Ratings: 4/5

So "Jab Hungry, kuch Achcha Khao" with Ammi's Biryani!

Bon Appetite!
Haute Kutir
Disclaimer: The views as expressed in this post are unbiased and is based upon the reviewer's experience. The brand[s] exercises no control on opinions expressed here.Only the quality and experience counts. In case, if you wish to feature your restaurant review on, do let us know at

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