Outfit Post: When Bikers Chic meets Summer of 69

Girls need no excuse to dress up. Whatever the season, whatever the reason. Fashion is our birthright!

Right there at the Little World Mall
At the Kharghar Reliance Trend Store
I dropped
and I could not stop
but shopped, shopped and shopped.

Break the stereotypes
Let's re-write
Some new rules for Fashion
it is Y2K
and gone is 
summer of 69

In Haute Kutir's previous posts for Femina trendspotter, we presented two, never out of Fashion, elegant and classy, yet the glam looks. Time is now to rebel and to create something new. After all, Summer is in the offing. And why restrict the quite fashionable summers to mere florals and asymmetry? Aha! I can see the excitement there. Let's explore the Reliance Trend store and create something, that is quite ahead of its times, juts like Femina is.

The Bikers Chic meet Summer of 69 

To create this look, we have ditched all the denim and cotton away but used the most favorite leather pants. yes, the slim fit leather pants in black. We teamed it with a sporty brick orange Tee to remind us of that surfing expedition that awaits us. Girls love a little adventure, butterflies and motorbikes

We used a purple yellow bandanna to tie the hair, preventing it from the harsh sun, wind and sea water, as we hit the road or surf the sands. Accessories? Nah! Just a Little Loop hoop is sufficient to bring the fun-loving, adventurous side out. We loved it. Hope you will like it too.
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Till then,
Keep living the beautiful dream that you are
Haute Kutir

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