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Data Ek RAM

These days, wherever you see, it is raining Smartphones. If you ask me, what are my top 5 favorite all time smartphones are, I may not to be able to tell them immediately. But if you may ask, what are the top 5 features that I am looking in my smartphone, then I am quick to respond-

RAM, RAM and RAM. [and then throw 2 other random feature like camera, battery life at all]

I know you must wonder why am I stressing too much on RAM suddenly. Well, given the quantum of load we put on smartphones including pictures, data, apps et becomes imperative for a handset to have sufficient memory [not just extendable] to store and make multiple apps function properly.

Bad news is that 2GB RAM is fading fad now and our smartphones need more. Good news is that, we finally have a phone which supports more than 2GB RAM .

Here's Introducing Asus Zenfone 2 with 4GB RAM

Apparently, Asus Zenphone 2 is world's 1st Smartphone with 4GB RAM. According to brand, the phone supports ASUS exclusive technology that charges devices much faster than traditional speeds. Not just that ASUS Zenphone 2 comes with some more cool interesting features right from battery life to camera quality.

A Marvel of Craftsmanship and Engineering,
in the Palm of Your Hand

Here's the top 5 Feature of New Asus Zenphone 2 that I absolutely loved and think that they will redefine my smartphone's experience-

1) High Speed Performance- I Just told that Asus Zenphone 2 comes with 4GB of dual-channel DDR3 RAM which translates in to high speed performance up to 3X times better. Whoa! Such a delight for the gamer me who loves to toddle with her smartphone [Asus says it can improve my gaming experience at least 7 times] Isn't it a boon for multi-taskers like me? Now I need not have to uninstall my apps and pictures to save space on my phone and improve performance. Also with "Faster than ever-ever LTE, I can avail super fast on the move data transfers of upto 150Mbits/s. Oh! I can't resist singing again- Data ek RAM ;)

2) Unique Design- The device comes in never seen before interesting design silhouettes including- Transfusion Series and Illusion Series. Here's a dekko-

Isn't that breathtaking beautiful and Unique? Besides, I liked the ultra thin design 3.9mm edges and 0.13 mm Concentric circle pitch. The slim deisgn is not just impressive but awesome to hold, carry and work with. Try for yourself as I so much liked the blue number in Illusion design, it will look good with my Michel Korr bg nd distinguish my handset from rest of others. [You see we love to loo unique and outstanding]

3) Lesser Bezel Width, more screen space: Zenphone 2 is a 5.5 inch smartphone. Well the beauty is that it is as big as traditional 5 inch device. However, unlike it many counterparts, it offers 72% screen to body ratio, reducing the bezel width to bare minimum possible. Indeed performance and value all the way. I loved this feature as this would give me more screen space to read and work on my content. Besides, watching a movie on this would be an awesome experience altogether.

4) Superior Camera quality: I love taking pictures from my handset rather than carrying bulky camera around. Besides, with handset it is easy to click picture and upload for social sharing. However, often I face issues regarding getting good quality picture from some of my handheld devices. I am told that Zenphone 2 comes with 13MP camera with f/2.0 aperture lens that captures stunning, high resolution photo with "zero shutter lags". Not just that, it also has industry best low light mode which uses pixel merging technology to capture up to 400% brighter photos at low light scene. Ah! I so much remember how my current handset filed to capture the beautiful Chandigarh Lake Side Club in the evening. Here's a look at the detailed spec-

Isn't that amazing? I am unable to keep my eyes off the superior design of the phone

5) Fast Charging: The new Zenphone 2 boasts of Boost-master technology which supports 60% of Battery Capacity in 39 minutes. Which means that battery gets charged much faster than any other device, making it super desirable on the go. Given my forever on the run moment, this phone is superbly adorable as I can charge its high capacity 3000mAh battery anytime, anywhere without having to sit near the plug, holding the short cable for long. To me, it translates- Work Hard & party Harder.

Well that is the list of top 5 features of Asus Zenphone 2 that I liked, along with my reasons. What are yours? Do let me know. To know more about the device, do check it's website and at Flipkart too.


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