Food Guide: Best Restaurants to Eat in Mumbai

Off late, I have been reading a lot of sarcasm that is being drawn upon the "Self proclaimed foodies". Well to each their own. I know that I love to eat and have my own little bit knowledge about food. What I don't know, is what I ask. So while the world still debates on whom to call "Foodie" and who is actual "Food Blogger", let us concentrate on the most important thing- The "Food" itself.

Ah! I am a Foodie and I do Blog on Food. Do not agree? Please take a walk and once done, do come back to this post where I am gonna feature some random list "Best Restaurants to eat in Mumbai".

The restaurants that I am featuring here, may vary from luxury to casual dining to Family fine dine. Well all days are not same, so does food mood that vary from time to eating preference. So take your pick and tell me which one you like to visit-

1) The Lakeview Cafe- Renaissance Mumbai
Renaissance is a luxury worth spending. They have variety of restaurants and this one is quite a favorite given the lovely- by the lake ambiance and variety of food [including live cooking]. It is one of my most favorite destination in Mumbai.

What to eat: Well I like almost everything here especially the non Indian fare. If you really want to enjoy dining here, then I must suggest that you visit them on Sunday for a brunch. Do try their Chocolate Marquis and macaroons. I love their continental fare and the Indian food is purely marvelous. I do not have a sweet tooth but I love their desserts. Must try when you visit

2) Flags, Malad West
They have 2 franchisee- one at SV Road and other at Link Road. I frequent the latter more and like the simple ambiance there especially during evenings.

What To eat: Its a complete delight for vegetarians especially the one who likes to experiment with their food. They have recipe around the world from Italian to Mongolian to Mexican to Chinese. I love eating Sizzling Chocolate with Brownie there.

3) FTN
Well there is a lot of theory behind FTN full form. It was a pleasant and economical discovery that I made one day while leaving from office. It is a small pub kind of restaurant on link road that plays good music [including Oh Carol and Summer of 69]. It may look little dingy to begin with but once you settle down, it works for you especially if you are in mood for good music and good food without spending too much. besides, they have corporate offers wherein they give discount up to 50%. Whoa!

What you can order there- I loved all the things that I ordered there. from french fries + beer [the pitcher] to Chinese food [quite hot at times] to the lovely Pesto based Panner Tikka that just melt in your mouth.

4) Sab Kuch, near Inorbit mall, Goregaon
Like the name says, the place is host for almost all variety of food, served as takeaway, dine in including self serve basis. This restaurant serves only vegetarian food, ranging across the cuisines. The restaurant may look a usual, on the street side type of fare but is quite a hot spot for food lovers across the areas especially on weekends. You know a lot of time when I visit sab kuch in evening, I end up spending at least 15-20 minutes to grab a place to seat.

What you can order here- I love their Indian Chat items starting from Dahi puri [ummm delicious] to Tikki Chat to Palak-pea sabji to greasy pav bhaji. Take few steps and go to first floor for one of the best Rajasthani/Gjrati thali in the town. Hey do not forget to try their meetha paan [betel leaf] post te food.

Well these were the few of my "most frequented" and considered as best restaurants in Mumbai. This is an inclusive list and not exhaustive yet. I am planning to venture in to some new places soon and they too will find space at haute kutir reviews.

In the meantime, if you get to visit these places, do let me know which one you liked most. You can also share your other favorite restaurants in Mumbai here.

Take care

Happy Gluttony,
Team Haute Kutir

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  1. Incredible experience. Sat near the bar at Boston restaurants and was served by a great lady. She provided guidance on food selection and her recommendations were stellar. One of them may have been the best oyster I have ever had.


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