Coffee Shops in Pune

It was raining this weekend at Pune. A perfect weather to relax over canapes of conversation and cups of coffee. I called up mom to check her plans for weekend and learnt about the good weather in the Pune city. Mom was on her way for a coffee meeting with vendor and absolute fumed up at prospect of finding a suitable coffee shop in a city that is not so known to her.
To make her work easy, I plugged on my Internet and came up with few suitable nominations post a good research that help suggested finding- Cafes in Pune.
 So for the benefit of a larger population, here I am sharing few Coffee shops in Pune that I found enticing enough to visit. Here we go-

1) The Eatery - Four Points by Sheraton
This 5 star at Viman nagar, offers a good Sheraton hospitality along with mouth watering food and sumptous coffee. It was also featured in Sunday Brunches, Late Nights Eats among various famous publication. In the menu, it serves amazing Baker's Basket with select croissant, Danish and muffin that makes a wonderful coffee accompaniment. 

If you have sweet tooth, do try some cool dessert from their menu. Hint- chocolates. 

2) Coffee Jar
Situated in Wanowrie, this place is bursting with some pleasant coffee and food. Their Menu is filled with beverages including coffee, tea and you will indeed struggle for choices. I found it quite a simple place with interesting menu.

Source: Burrp
3) Coffee House-
Well we have covered a 5 star, a casual youth coffee cafe but no coffee talks can be complete without the mention and lovely coffee that is served at the local "Coffee house". Well Coffee house at camp Area in Pune is a house for one. It was also featured in "great Coffee collection". They serve yum south Indian Coffee and the Masala Dosa is just yumm there. Do visit them. Coffee lovers just love the age old look and feel.

So next time when you are in mood to have some interesting coffee and conversations with friends, do not forget to take your shot of antioxidants at coffee shops in Pune

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