Clean and Clear Pimple Clearing Face Wash

Johnson and Johnson's flagship brand Clean and Clear has recently launched a new face wash which is targeted specifically toward pimple prone skin. The face wash comes with goodness of Lemon and age old pimple clearing remedy product- Neem.

When I received this product, I almost dismissed it off thinking just another face wash. And given my not so good experience with Neutrogena pimple clearing face wash [even though my skin is not pimple prone] I was little apprehensive to try this out. My best excuse was- I do not have pimples, so why do I need this?

Well I was not right. When I tried this face wash variant for review, I kind of loved what I used. The product has in fact replaced my existing face wash and I am using it happily.

The face wash comes in a a cool green tube and is easy to carry and squeeze. The face wash has a soft, tingling fragrance that just refreshes every time you wash your face with this. The best part was that though it is meant for oil clearing, the product doesn't leave any dry patch or feeling on your face post wash.

What I liked about the product
1) Looks good, feels good post usage
2) Mild
3) Leaves a good post wash effect
4) Does not dry my skin
5) Mild yet pleasant tangy fragrance.
6) Very little is required and spreads easily and evenly
7) Very conducive to skin [my skin type combination]
8) Doe snot clogs the pores

What I did not liked: Nothing actually.

Do I recommend buying? Yes, Indeed

Will I buy it again: Yes


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