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Time and Tide, wait for none

Life is forever on a Fast Track. It moves on and on..The lovely thing about time is that it keeps you in tabs, while ensuring that you have a tab on your time. Philosophical? Well well, we are not here to shower some global gyaan on the pace of life and all that. Cause it is the onset of summer and we are quite too busy in our own shopping escapades. Yes, shopping in for some cool summer gears, essentially some new Fashion accessories in our wardrobe. 

Talking about summer, what is one coolest accessory that comes in your mind? Well we took a brief survey and results were not surprising. We expected you will say that. So the poll results for "Your favorite Summer accessory is..."-

1) Sunglasses 75%
2) Floaters      10%
3) Banadana   9%
4) Hats & Others 5%

See, I told you that the results were not surprising. So, we know what our readers want and we have been looking around for some cool pairs of Summer Accessories for self. Primarily some cool head-bands and some cooler than thou Sunglasses AKA Eyewear.

Our search took us to multiple outlets, exposing us to tough choice to choose between multiple brands. Confused as hell, we said TATA to all the brands and embraced some online shopping for the soul of us summer-struck mortals. This time, we decided to try some cool summer Eyewear from one of the widely known and highly popular brand in India- FasTrack.

They say one thing leads to other and when it comes to shopping, the theory acts as a strong catalyst, wherein you go out [literally] to buy one thing but seeing beautiful ranges available online, all at one place, you end up buying multiple things.Yes, we know the value of your "time" and since Fastrack is a well known brand in arena of watches, we end up buying some cool Fastrack Watches and Eyewear for us.

You wanna a dekko? Well here's some cool watches and eyewear  that we have shortlisted from this loveable brand for self.

So, aren't they cool? well, they indeed are. So what are you waiting for? As we said in beginning of the blog that Time waits for none. So, if you are looking for some cool accessories for self, get your shopping spree on FastTrack this time and pamper yourself with some awesome watches and eyewear for self and your family, from the house of Fastrack.

And yes, do share your #Fastrack selfies with us if any. 

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