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< Caution Ahead- It is a complete Girly post>

Dear Smartphone,

You know Girls love #Fashion and their craze for all things new, all things fad and all things in Vogue. We love taking our #selfies, making that #pout to stand out, maning our nails, doing our hair, our eye make up, dressing up and all things fancy. Right from our shoes to bags to nail paints to fashion accessory, it is special for us. You indeed know. For we often see ourselves in you, from your eyes. We are just so addicted to you, so inseparable, like a Siamese twin.

Ah! You are our alter ego and we just can't have enough of you, love!

Seeing the world from your eyes

They say "diamonds are girls best friend forever". Well I beg to differ. In new age, it is not diamonds but the "mobile phones" that are the best friends to we girls. How? Silly, this is how-

1) You accompany us everywhere. Where there is light or even in dark. It is in your light we brush through darkness. Ah! my lighthouse. Hope my hair is looking alright ;)

2) You are my best shopping accompanist- I love to shop especially the new designs in town. Often I have to rely on other's judgement. But with you, all it takes is a click and hey, the picture goes viral. To my mom at Naples and dad at his office, to that aunt in Austria and that best friend in Mumbai who tell me how dress looks like. I consolidate their go ahead[s] and hey, my purchasing decision is made. Copy that to shoe shopping.

3) I look so good with my mobile. I get my daily fix of beauty tricks, make tips, fashion and style tips, Celeb fashion bytes and so much more on just a tap. 

You know off late, I am accrediting a lot of my awareness through you. yes You! You have some lovely melange of beautiful apps that lead to check and learn new trends even on the move. Your social sharing apps like Instagram, pinterest, Facebook and more ensure that I am hooked to the latest and the greatest. You know last week I found a beautiful dress on pin-interest which I pinned and took to my tailor. Guess what, I would be wearing the design next month

Smartphone is the smart way ahead
They say you have an angry cousin called desktop, who is quite a J over the bond that you share with around 123 mn smartphone friends in India. Well, in battle of desktop v/s Mobile, you are clearly the winner, my friend. After all, 52% of us love you over the traditional desktop. You are such a #MustHave while desktop is cute but not as handy [constant companion] like you.

That's not all. In fact, smartphone you are so handy that with your help I can find the right designs for self and can order/ exchange them at the comfort of my home. All it takes, is few clicks and hey presto, Girl conquer the Fashion world. 

You are such a great friend. So why you remain untouched from the magical spell of Fashion? Let us explore some nice accessories for you. After all, MObile is the new fashion Mantra and Myntra is new fashion mantra on mobile devices. Time to make Fashion #personal, Time to get on the Myntra via smartphones.

Let's explore the world of Fashion with Mobile and Myntra

Mmm I am loving the way you sound- Mobile and Myntra, now you two appears as siamese twins. yes you are. A look at you, and things you two do together, substantiates it all :)

While Mobile is the new mantra, do check out the Myntra mobile apps. If you do not have one, do not waste time and download one today.

After all, Way to a girl's heart is through exciting beauty and fashion. And with smartphone evolution, Mobile and Myntra is the new Mantra.

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