Stay True, Leave an Impression with Gabriel Macht and Ballantine India

Success is lasting for those who hold true

What happens when Gabriel Macht [actor from TV series "suits"], world's no 2 Scotch Whiskey brand - Ballantine comes together? Well they leave an impression with their new campaign "Stay True" for the vast audience/consumers in India.

Conceptualized by Ballantine’s, the ‘Stay True, Leave an Impression’ campaign is a strategic brand positioning invitation in form of campaign to the Indian consumers to express themselves in a genuine and authentic way. Authenticity, self-belief and conviction are at the heart of this new campaign. The video-led campaign will be integrated across print, digital and outdoor media.

Here's a Dekko at their TVC-

What is Stay True, Leave an Impression Video is all about?
Well the underlying idea and concept is about two worlds: the world of self-belief and staying true juxtaposed by a world of sycophants with shifting loyalties. There is a surmounting tension between these two worlds, and that is what the brand aim to bring out with their expression of leaving a mark by being yourself, of making it to the top on your own terms.

The film does this through a depiction of a ‘day in the life of’ the corporate world - the charades, the fake smiles, the pretentious jokes and the ‘yes man-ship’ that plays out every day - as seen through the eyes of our protagonist during his journey through a typical corporate office.
The novel freeze-frame treatment further heightens this parody of power-play that the brand unequivocally disapproves of. Ballantine’s celebrates individuality and originality since 1827 and so, in a manner, it raises a toast to the ‘real ones’ in a world full of fakes. 

Commenting on his association with Ballantine’s for this new campaign, Gabriel Macht said, “It is an honour for me to shoot for Ballantine’s well-crafted campaign in line with its philosophy of ‘Stay True’. This association is a perfect match as I truly relate to brand’s attribute of staying true to one’s character and maintaining one’s integrity. Ballantine’s is one of the finest whiskies with unique richness of character and perfect balance. It has been a memorable experience shooting for the campaign and hope the Indian audience will appreciate it too.”

Here's what Mr. Kartik Mohindra, Head - International Brands at Pernod Ricard India said, “George Ballantine stayed true and left an impression with the whiskies that he created. With this campaign, we want to continue his legacy by creating a platform that celebrates Ballantine’s and its founder’s intrinsic values. We hope to inspire people to have conviction to stay true to themselves, to follow their passions and to remain as genuine and authentic as they can be.”

Also, sharing his thoughts about the campaign, Mr Ajay Gahlaut, Executive Creative Director, Ogilvy & Mather, New Delhi said, “There are the movers and the shakers who are here today and gone tomorrow. Their allegiances are based on self-gain and change with changing winds. And then there are those few who quietly go about doing what they believe in, undeflected in purpose and unswayed by criticism. These are the ones who are remembered. They are the ones who leave an indelible mark on time. They are the ones who lead by example. This film is about them.”

Why Gabriel Macht for this campaign?
Further to his statement above, Gahlaut also spoke about their criteria for selecting the celebrity lead. He added- “There is something very inspiring about individuals who live by what they believe in. They are hard to find but they are there. This is the individual of integrity that the brand sought to associate itself with. And this is what led us to close in on Gabriel Macht. He, in a way, echoes everything that the brand stands for. There are strong affinities about who he is in real life and the character roles that he depicts in his professional life, with our brand values. So his character accentuates the stark differences between the two worlds that the film has captured. And the master stroke is the treatment of the film itself that creates a taut tension between the two worlds.”

About Ballantine’s
Ballantine’s is the No.1 Scotch whisky in Europe and the No.2 Scotch whisky in the world with the range selling over 70 million bottles a year worldwide. Ballantine’s has won more than 130 trophies and medals at international competitions in the past 10 years for its outstanding quality, as a result of its unique richness of character and perfect balance. The range, from Ballantine’s Finest to the exclusive 40 Year Old, is the most extensive in the world of Scotch and is maintained by Master Blender Sandy Hyslop, continuing the brand’s tradition of Master Blenders that dates back to 1827. In 2013, Ballantine’s continued its innovative approach by launching Ballantine’s Brasil, a spirit drink made from selectively cask steeping Scotch whisky with Brazilian lime peel.


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