A Cosy evening in name of Black Dog TGR

We have been talking about how whisky, malt and scotch has their deep place in Indian fraternity and how the brand "Black Dog" is making it's own spot in the drawing rooms and glasses of finest whisky lovers in India. The malt is well accepted and widely appreciated that it has come up with something as novel as "Triple Gold Reserve" AKA TGR that is fast emerging as the preferred name in the recommended list of all people who love their whisky finest and best suited for their vivid palate.

It was over a cosy evening when I invited friends over the club and ordered specially for TGR label of whisky. I was inundated by their questions. And most of them were on what is "Black Dog" and why "black dog". Well yeah, as you would have guessed, a lot of my friends related it to a faithful dog of the brand owner, in whose memorium the brand got its name.

Smita said- What's in a name? As Shakespeare said- A rose is a rose is a rose.

I replied- Everything. 

The conversations started getting geared up with a lot of my friends coming up with their own ideas of the brand/ company got it's name. No googling was allowed, you see. I just cannot tell you different versions that they came up with. The faithful dog was just an example above. I turned over to Majethia and asked, what do you think, you had like to suggest?

Majethia took a breath, tilted his mouth n replied- Well I am quite intrigued by the conversations so far that I would actually like to first see what the thing "Black DOG TGR" is and then we shall extrapolate on the names. What say?

I heartily agreed and before I could ask the group for their view, they all nodded in Unison. Hmm seeing is believing and here tasting would be seeing..Ummm I could not wait for the stewart to march in at earliest with the "guest of the honor" of the evening- The Black Dog TGR.

The story awaits.....
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