Black Dog TGR and #FunFacts about Whisky

So we blended whisky, paired it not just with our food - veg/non-veg, we also blended some movie stories, books, apps, interesting evenings spent with friends, glassy acts and much more. 

Talking about movies, I remember how Jackie Chan used to be one of my all time top favorite I loved all his movies, his stunts, his ability to death defying stunts and still cheer audience with his funny acts in those stunts. He truly immortalized the concept that even an action hero can get hurt. Another good thing about his movies were the "making" in ends of the movies where they used to highlight the making of the movie with some bloopers that went by via filming those shots. Not just that, but the star interviews wherein they will speak the fun facts about the movie was very engrossing too.

Like the movies, videos, even whisky has its own share of fun facts. I was little curious as what they would be. I was more eager as we were planning another "speakeasy evening with friends and TGR whisky" and having some elements in between the sips of crunch to keep the conversations flowing, always comes handy when you are dealing a growing group and want to stick to a common point of discussion to avoid group fragmentation. 

My inquisitiveness made me stumble upon this beautiful green colored website- It said things you probably did not know about whisky and they are-

  1. The most expensive bottle of whisky ever sold went for $699,193. Men that is an incredible amount of money used for a bottle of whisky and I believe the proceeds were used for charity purposes.
  2. To be classed as Scotch, it must be aged in "Scotland" for 3 years. 
  3. There is an "angel's share" in the whisky and it refers to whisky that evaporates in the cask.  Ahem, Ahem...
  4. 40 bottles of Scotch are exported every second.  Whisky is Scotland's second biggest export product, topped by another precious liquid- Oil. In fact, whisky outsells all other spirits in almost every world market when it comes to global sales. 
  5. The French loves Scotch a little more than Cognac that the former outnumbers the latter in terms of annual sales. France quota of import looms around an impressive 200mn bottles per year.
Gulp! That indeed is quite some amazing facts. I am sure, you would have loved unraveling these and can imagine my friends and their expression when I am gonna stir this up. Till then, yipee..give woes to rest and keep your spirits high!

Disclaimer- This post is for the people age 25 years or above

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