Whisky with love from- America, Canada, Ireland and Scotland

Whisky is called liquid Sunshine. Ah! That's such a suitable name. So you disagree? Here picture this-

Ummm... no wonder why so many men swoon behind this mystical, magical beverage since 1800. 

Drinking whisky is an art in itself. If you recall my previous post on how to drink whisky you will get a decent idea about it. In case, you already know about, Ah well! Half job done. 

Credit: Courtesy of Meme Crunch

There are different variants of whisky [yes, both the spellings- whisky and the whisky are right and acceptable] available around. They range within- American Whisky, Canadian Whisky, Irish Whisky and Scotland whisky. Details about each, are as follow-

American Whisky- It's a little bit sweeter than others and comes in different categories like Bourbon, Rye etc depending upon the type of grain that was distilled to make them. 

Canadian Whisky- It is more light and fruity in flavor. These are typically blended and by the description you can make out that it is been very appreciated by men folklore in majority.

Irish Whisky - This fairly light whisky but indeed more body than its Canadian counterpart. You may like to try one soon.

Scotland whisky- Aha! Here comes our favorite one. In fact the favorite of men across world. The fine Scotch. This type of whisky has a smokier flavor as it is aged for more than 3 years at least. The maturing process adds more volume, more punch to the body.  Brands Glenlivet, Johhny Walker and off course Black Dog features in this category.

Four different types of region and four different types of whisky. So which is your favorite blend? I asked this question with my friends during our easy -cosy "speakeasy whisky evenings" that I just started in order to acquaint them with the flavor and subject matter of one the preferred blend in the world. I hope you ae liking the series. Stay tuned to know more.
The Content of this post is meant only for people above age of 25.

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