Black Dog TGR- The Classy Act, the Glassy Act

Holla, blog-netizens..I hope you are liking this series of "art of fine living" with Black Dog TGR premium Scotch that is the only unique Scotch that is produced involving a triple maturation process. 

In our series, we discussed different aspects of how Indian Love their Whisky, the different blends, about TGR, how to pair food with whisky and how to actually sip and savor your whisky. Continuing the series, we are now embarking on the aspect of how to appreciate the perfect Scotch whiskey that the brand TGR is.

While every body enjoy whisky in their own way, I must admit that the best way to enjoy your whisky is with nose, tongue and off course wallet. I am adding eyes as well here. Liquid sunshine my dear watson, liquid sunshine as I kept on mentioning. The whisky is so beautiful to look at that men can spend hours looking at the 2 cubes drowned in the crystal glass of whisky. Half full or half empty is not a debate here.

Like presentation plays very important part in how you eat your food, select your wardrobe and make big business plans, presenting the right whisky in right glass is highly important too. For it can make or kill the entire experience. The CA Siddharth in our "speakeasy" group nodded as I said this. 

Whisky is best enjoyed in a crystal clear cognac snifer or tulip shaped glass [it has a s close bearing to wine glass] Any other glass with wide mouth will just dilute the aroma n taste as much as adding too much of ice can. 

The right glassware helps concentrating the aroma more on the top of the glass than the tumbler types glasses that pushes it to farther wide, leaving no great room for your "nosey" pleasures. If you have a sensitive nose, use smaller glass. After all, before the tongue, the nose tells us more about the malt. 

The good thing about Sherry casks and Black Dog TGR is that unlike many Bourbon single malts that are pale in color, TGR stored in Sherry casks are usually darker than others.  Another very important aspect here is that while some marketers use artificial caramel colors to darken their malt, TGR, Triple Gold Reserve is naturally matured in Sherry casks to get that darker color.
Disclaimer- This post is for the people age 25 years or above

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