Black Dog TGR and Whisky Loving Cows

My previous post wherein I did some research, off course using Lord w.r.t some fun facts to lighten up the mood and lit lots of "yup really" "OMG" moments in the friendly tavern at suburb Mumbai. It was quite a hit with all my friends and we had great moment further digging up the information available and substantiating with personal opinions, experiences and knowledge. 

They say in Hindi- Baat nikli hai toh dur tak jayegi. Loosely translated as- if you start a topic, it goes a long way. Similarly the discussion on fun facts took a new shape altogether and it various theories conspiring in, the fact that Cow loves whisky left few of us in great "whaddya say" surprise or mouths open in disbelief.

Cows love whisky. Haha before you form any opinion against your "holy cow" theory and call me anti -nationalist or anti religion, let me intervene the thoughts there n suggest that they actually love the grains and waste corns used to make whisky.  The pulp that is discarded during the whisky making process is often given to the dairy farms.  This is a very special Fodder and known as "Daff" in Scotland and is incredible rich in nutrients and high in both energy and protein. Whoa! That's quite lot of things in a fodder...Fodder for thought anyone?

Hmm now I am sure, a lot of you would wish to stay near those dairy farms and get your stocks from there. Hmm interesting. I can see real estate prices changing near some whisky distilleries. Mooo!

Disclaimer- This post is for the people age 25 years or above

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