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Sherry Sherry, where art thou? Came a huffing and puffing Shome, back from office, looking for his one of the most cherished possession. He indeed had a long day at work and between the time he reached home and his con call to begin, he wanted to relax and unwind with his Sherry. It was exactly two hours interim but the Sherry was barely available and ahrd to find. How much he wished that on days like this she listens to his whistle and come running for him on his call and beacon.

"If wishes were horses..." Thought the honcho. Well an old adage says that the thirsty reaches out to well than otherwise. Expectations are futile, even if when you are not expecting them. He thought while still looking for Sherry.

He searched for her in the drawing room, she wasn't there. He went looking for her in Kitchen and bedroom but Alas! She was missing for both places. Suddenly something striked to him and looked down under the bed. His eyes met with floor and "there you are" he quipped. He found his Sherry, inebriated and wrapped inside the dark corners of the bed, lying in eaceful, sleepy stance.

He stretched his arm and picked his bottle. "I spies Sherry" he quipped and reached on to her mouth, uncorking her desires and twirling her in his arms to feel her fragance, all for him. Lets do it quickly honey, he said. I am in hurry. I have an International con call starting around 9 pm...gosh it is already 7:30. I need to work ou on few documents as well hon, he requested.

Huh! Weekdays are like this. Hopefully weekends would be more chillaxed he murmured. Weekend when you will slowly unfold, melt and release your delicate fragrance in my arms and I shall relish drinking it from your mouth, he promised.

His hands reached her neck and he slowly opened her mouth and rolled her inside the tulip shape glass whose tapered top, help release the aroma and sip. Yummm... you are growing beautiful by each passing day, Sherry. He winked.

And she waited when weekends come, so he can have more time to build up, to play and to come of age together. 

Sherry was the name he gave to his Triple Gold Reserve Black Dog whisky. For he loved the aroma of the sherry wood cask that fragrances his golden sunshine.

The Content of this post is meant only for people above age of 25.

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