A Little Black App for Whisky Enthusiasts

It is an App, App, Appy world! From games to schedulers to photos to jokes to pictures, anything and everything under the sun is all on the app. Not one but dime a dozen. Buy me, buy me while everyone says, It is the quality, usability and off course experience that matters. Isn't it?


So when everything has an exclusive app for them, why leave whisky behind? After all, in my previous post about tell-tale signs of men who love their TGR, haven't I told that these men have fine taste in everything from cars to women to clothes and so did in the gadgets they use. They are quite Tech Savvy and likes to updated with the new tech that foray in their lives- professionally, personally and socially.

To cater to such demands of these men, some whisky apps have been developed for the smartphone and tablets so that they can meet like-minded people, share their experiences, best information, best tasting notes etc without having to maintain a "liquid log book" like good old days. After all, the world is getting oh so wrapped in "smartphones and tabs" these days.

These apps are available in English Language and are well supported by devices like iPhone, iPod, iPad, Blackberry, HTC and all. They are available in Android, iOS as well.  Some of these apps are-

Its a free app, featuring tasting notes and scores for nearly 600 whiskies and calenders of events. They are designed in such a way that you get most updated data without any constant software download.

This app is supposedly the app with biggest whisky database in the world. It avails information about more than 30,000 whisky and whisky bottles from hundred of distilleries together with 1000s of tasting and rating notes, all on your smartphone or tablet. Phew!

It is available on both Android and iOS platform

This app is for both whisky connoisseur or curious drinkers who wants to know all about the whisky. This also has a review by world renowned author and master spirit reviewer F Paul Pacult. Whoa! It is however available only for iOS platform.

Now this is one helluva interesting app and sure to make your whisky experience even more enriching, all at the comfort of your home. This app aim to share some interesting whisky fun and facts, you are bound to enjoy a richer whisky tasting experience with their tasting notes. Besides, I just loved the name..creative!

You can use this app to make note of your tasting experiences with Black dog and TGR..Voila Creative indeed.

This App is a complete handy resource for those who enjoy whisky. Locate a bar, visit a distillery, learn about a brand, find out how to make a special whisky drink and many more. It is freely available for Android and also available on iTunes.

Best Bourbon app, best-blended whisky app, best grain whisky app, All in one- Best whisky liquor app. This app is available for iOS. Strongly recommended

There are other interesting apps like Whisky Notebook, Whiskey Log and WishkyApp to name among few.

You can visit your iOS or google play store to search more and download the one that may best suit you. Also, you can always come back here and suggest what is your favorite thing or biggest expectation from a liquor based app for a brand like Black Dog TGR and I shall pass the message to right people to deliver what you just wished for and more.

Till then, Happy TGR!
Disclaimer- This post is for the people age 25 years or above.

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