Appreciating the Perfect Scotch Whisky- Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve

Patience paid off and in no time did my speakeasy group started liking their Triple Gold Reserve Black Dog. They find it better than any 12 Y.O. whisky that they have tasted or have been tasting. 

Their simple logic was that if I get an equally or even better taste for a whisky that need not require more than 3 years to mature it, then why do I go ahead and spend etc buck on buying the 12 Y.O stuff. It is the fine taste that counts to them and not the fact that whether you preserved it for how many 100s of years.

We soon started having more regular speakeasy sessions where we started talking gyaan on whisky but having more "witty" conversations woven on and around it. I can notice the difference in the way some of my team members started holding their whisky glass. 

The best part was the club's unanimous wish for having whisky cubes than ice cubes, took some of us in splits. We soon started pairing our food with the whisky to suit the taste and the blended palate that we were developing off late.

To know more about some interesting food pairings that we did to suit our speakeasy evenings with Black Dog TGR, stay tuned with this blog...meanwhile coming up next is "Men are from Whisky Universe and not Mars" to identify a man who loves his whisky. Stay Tuned..


Disclaimer- This post is for the people age 25 years or above.

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