Speakeasy evenings with Friends

Speakeasy? Aha you must be wondering what is speakeasy? Well speakeasy has its origination from early 1920-1933, the prohibition era when sale, manufacturing and transportation of alcoholic beverages were banned across America. Speakeasy was a secret establishment during that prohibition era when people would illegally buy and sell alcoholic beverages. 

The prohibition ended in 1933 and it's the speakeasies disappeared totally. Today the term is used to describe some retro style bars. 

While my friends and I had no intention of consuming or dealing with anything remotely illegal and prohibited, the term caught our fancies and given the fact the lot of us were confirmed whisky illiterates, we thought of naming our group rendezvous as "speakeasy evenings". 

In previous post I suggested different type of whiskies across the whisky regions, the way to drink your whisky and what goes inside them. While I would continue to throw light on this subject on the upcoming posts, here's few group rules that my "speakeasy" circle has coined and well articulated for all our fun loving, knowledge sharing and off course relishing the liquid sunshine AKA Whisky!

Voila very well said Batman and Robin. This is the golden rule of how not to drink you whisky and spoil the taste. After all, it is you who will complain then- its not my tulip glass of whisky.

The more creatives will follow. The evening is young and vulnerable. First let it unfold and watch out this space for more.

Disclaimer- This post is for the people age 25 years or above.

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