The Old Man and the Whisky

lady you are like the whisky in the tea cup, chuckled the old man sitting over the counter, waiting for the bartender to churn up his favorite Triple Gold Reserve Malt for him, neat with no water.

Hurry, you dear Lad. He reprimanded. " I am dehydrated. Add some whisky to my glass" he chuckled. The dutiful bartender exuded a warm smile and presented him is glass. "Ah, malt! you are only love, sweetheart". The man retorted, admiring his golden blend in that crystal glass and then taking small yet furtive sips from it, drowning its content to his "dehydrated" throat. When I heard the word dehydrated, I wanted to offer him a glass of water. To which he said- "Do not dilute my thirst with any thing lass. For it knows its real gratification" and went on gulping the entire content.

He made me confirm my belief that not just Indian men but men around the world loves their TGR malt and love it dearly. 

The bartender told me that he is a regular there and visit every evening for his customary 2 glasses of whisky rather, he would call it "romancing his malt". I was intrigued by his affection for the beverage and while my friend took some time to reach the venue for speakeasy evening, I thought of striking a conversation with him. 

He told me that he drinks his whisky only on two occasions- One when he is anxious and one when he is not anxious. Interesting isn't it. 

Well there are many such stories, many such malt aficionados. All I can promise that each of them carry their own era, their own tales and all over the cup of malt. yes who who cares if it is half empty or half full, as long as there is a whisky in it.

Disclaimer- This post is for the people age 25 years or above.
Drink responsibly and do not drink and drive

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