TGR, a Truly Refined Scotch by Black Dog

The world is upwardly mobile. People started believe in simple living and rich drinking. Yeah the cat has finally arrived with the Scotch bottle and here in series of my monthly blogathon of "Once Upon a Scotch Time" with Black Dog, I bring to you my third in the series- Why TGR is a truly refined scotch!

Well in hindi they say-

"Sona, Sajjan, Sadhujana...tute jude so baar.
Durjan kumbh kumhar ke, ekhi sakal darar".

This roughly means that Gold, good people and saints are refined with every change, every break, they become good n better than before. However, some people are like clay pots made by potter-man, which breaks in single blow.

Refinement is the essence of living, an important step in bringing perfection. A mason doesn't just build a house with brick and mortar but refines the building with many architectural mountings to give it a new and better shape every time. Yes, to bring perfection, we must filter again and again, till it gets well refined reaches the apex where it meant to be.

Same holds true with whisky. Yes a whisky. After all it is the blend and refinement that separates a whisky from a rum or any other drink. To bring that wholesome affect to your, especially the strong Indian Palate, Black Dog has introduced - Black Dog- Triple Gold Reserve. As we saw in previous post, the name itself suggests that it is the blended scotch that is produced involving a triple maturation process.

The "Triple Maturation" Process involves grain whiskies and malt whiskies separately matured in American Bourbon Casks and then blended together and matured again in Oloroso Sherry butts for an extra longer period of time to give the blend a distinctive flavor and a delicate finish. 

As per the consumer research conducted on the blend of TGR, the brand has been appreciated and accepted as a parallel to any 12 Y.O Blended Scotch.

Isn't that lovely? 

So, what is the difference in a Triple maturation process and a normal Scotch maturation process? 

Well to explain you simply- 

In a normal process, the matured single Malt and matured grain whisky are straightway bottled and sent to outlet for sale. However, in case of Triple matured whisky, they both are blended and stored in a sherry cask for the third time maturation before sending it for bottling.

Whoa! making a whisky that suit your palate and make you ask for more, is not that easy enough! isn't it? 

How does Sherry casks  make for the most refined scotch whiskies? Aha...stay tuned. We will surely come back with that cookie and crumble it in our next post. 

Till then! Drink Soberly and Drive Safely!
This post is only for people age 25 years or above.

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