Triple Gold Reserve and Pan Cooked Paneer Tikka

Food inspires an all together, different feeling in me. Food and alcohol go hand in hand. With great blend, you need an equally reciprocating food to pair and relish it with. Being a vegetarian, my options are limited to vegetables and dairy products only.  However, I am very much contented with my options and liking up the idea that how certain good food bloggers like Rekha Kakkar from is styling and presenting the veg food in India and abroad

I am foodie and my occasional love for cooking and trying something new, took me to kitchen to make something that is a favorite and I feel, will go well with the smokey TGR malt whisky.

I call it Haute Paneer Tikka

The focus of this dish is the marinade and the best part is that all ingredients used here are well available in your kitchen. Also, its a simple recipe that you can make any time using a plain griddle, if  Tandoor grill is not available. And man! It is super rich-super tasty n healthy!

To make it you would need you will need the following-

Main Ingredient- 100 gms Fresh Cottage Cheese [ freshened up in a bowl of hot water and sliced in cubes]
Little Olive oil

For Marination-
a cup of fresh hung curd, beaten
2 TBSP each of Ginger garlic paste, Green Chilli Paste and Kaju/roasted ground nut paste
1 TBSP of "Tawa roasted and crushed Cumin seed
1/2 teaspoon lemon juice fresh
1/2 teaspoon of turmeric, red chilli and salt as per taste
1/2 tea spoon of Fennel powder, peppercorns, Carom Seed
1 tbsp milk with strands of Saffron mixed [optional]
1/2 tea spoon oil

For garnishing
fine chopped coriander powder

1) Mix all the marinade ingredients in a bowl and blend well
2) Add the Cottage cheese cubes in the marination, mix slowly and keep it aside for min 30 minutes
3) Post 30 min marinade time, take a flat non stick pan, grease it with little oil and heat it up for less than a minute
4) If you have a satay stick, carefully arrange the pieces on paneer on it with some square diced capsicum and tomatoes cubes. In case if you have none, take the paneer cubes and add it on the tawa.

5) Allow it to cook/ roast on the tawa for few minutes till it turn a little brown, turn it upside down n follow the process.
6) Serve hot with some sprinkled coriander on it or if you used satay stick

Here's your yummy, spicy Haute Paneer Tikka is ready to jingle and mingle with your smokey flavored, Triple Gold Reserve. Bon Appetite.

Disclaimer- This post is for the people age 25 years or above.

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