The Indians love their Scotch

Tim Etherington, an award winning mixologist, once came to India to promote a new range of signature cocktails. During his travel, he discovered this great bondage between Indians and Scotch. According to him, Indians love their scotch and the whisky is one of most popular drink in India.

In India, Whisky is distilled alcoholic beverage, commonly blends based on neutral spirits that are distilled from fermented molasses with only a small portion [around 10 to 12%] consisting of traditional malt whisky. Unlike EU, India did not have any compulsory definition of it's most favorite drink- Whisky and nor were there any standards defined for it to distilled from cereals or to be matured. Obviously, it barely qualified in any EU standard who were serious about their blend, distill and ageing. Needless to say, they were cheap and lacked that particular flavor. Off course, whisky wholly distilled from malts and other grains are also produced and sold in India, however in lesser percentage. 

They say whisky is a man's drink and indeed all man loved to drink. Whether it is wedding, parties or small get together, men folk are ever ready to pop up the cork and gulp that bottle in. Someone said- “Old but contented, the face of a man who had sipped life’s vinegar and found it, by and large, to be mostly whisky, and good whisky at that.” 

Indians loved their drinks and Scotch style whisky is the most popular distilled alcoholic beverage in India. It was introduced in India in the nineteenth century, during the British Raj. The first distillery was set is Kasauli and there have been no looking back ever since. So gone are the days when Indians palate was exposed to the local regular, India based malt. The globe is converging and some real good brands are foraying Indian market. One such brand is- Black Dog with TGR AKA Triple Gold Reserve. TGR signifies the triple maturation process that every Black dog Whisky goes through! The brand is catching like a fire in the country and is one of the fastest growing brand in the country. Indeed an indication that Indians love their Scotch Whisky and Black dog is a preferred brand.

In case, you are wondering what is "Black dog" and from where did it get that name from? Stay tuned to this space for more. Till then, if you like your whisky, and not just whisky but a perfect mature blend of scotch, go ahead, enjoy you Black Dog, scotch.

Disclaimer- This post is for the people of age 25 years and above.

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