Whisky, TGR and Women

"Normal girls are made of sugar and spice but honey, my dear girl, you are made of whisky and ice"

Ah! now that is one interesting pick up line that am sure will make you smile at least if not go weak on knees. Nevertheless, whisky is not as popular in women as it is in men folk lore. Even then, if you are a women and if you want to try your hand in whisky, here's this post dedicated to the "spirit" of you.

Here's a woman writing about whisky for women in way that may not conform the stereotypes but have its own blend...read on....

Girl you are sugar and spice
all things dazzling,
all things nice

Gone are the day
let's break all stereotypes,
It is time to turn fire and ice

Melt a little
malt a little more

Take your glass
and tight your sash
stumble no more
sing no kooh ash ash

The sweet n syrupy taste
are all era bygonne
lady you r a new hercules
lady you are gen X born

ditch that mocktail
mock yourself not
pick a new cocktail
and make it look hot

Time to make things happen
but not sit or morn
you may like smokiness of a Scotch
over the sweetness of a Bourbon

Sip by sip,
gulp by gulp
bit by bit
built but not sulk
Cause TGR is one of the
Finest blend
ditch your rose water,
Amazons, take TGR in your hand.

Who said a woman cannot have her whisky and drink it too? Why should gentlemen have all the fun. A woman whose is heart is as gold as gold spun, takes everything in her stride. Leave alone the fruit punches. Let Smokey flavor entice. Gulp! 
Disclaimer- This post is for the people age 25 years or above.
This do not aim promoting the consumption of liquor

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