TGR Speakeasy and The First Sip Experience

“Whisky, like a beautiful woman, demands appreciation. You gaze first, then it's time to drink.” 

Haruki Murakami

I could not agree any less with this great writer. And our first experience of whisky was nothing short of this quote. While we brain stormed about the possible analogy if not entomology behind the brand name "Black Dog" in our previous post, we waited with baited breaths equally for the steward to bring our glass of aha! my favorite word- the liquid sunshine over so we can finally sink our lips inside the rim of those attractive tulip glasses and create a new adage- sipping is believing.

Not making us wait much, the most wanted steward came in attendance with neatly stalked small glasses of whisky. I deliberately asked him to delay the finger food so that we can have an unadulterated first and experience of this magical potion that men swear by, through out the centuries.

Majethia, when saw the crystal glasses, took notice and sat up straight on the lounge seaters. His every expression and body language signaled loudly that he is more than eager to try this out and pass his verdict, his cruel, straight jacketed verdict. 

The chatter were silenced by the arrival of shining glasses, only to be resumed with the sound of the brimming glasses. Here, if the proof of pudding is in eating and so what is the proof of whisky? Asked a usual enthusiastic Aditi.

Well the proof of whisky is in drinking, remarked Siddharth the otherwise quiet and brooding Chartered Accountant of the group.

Aha! No my dear friend, said a witty Raisa. The proof of whisky is in sipping like Ekta said.

"Hell Mogambo" the group said in unison and took over the glasses in their hands to raise a toast.

"Here's raising our first toast, for Raisa" quipped Siddharth as we took our drinks and bring it forth to clink.

Rise, clink and here's presto! Sip. is so bitter said some of the members while some of them gave their glasses a second chance.

It was the time when Ashwin chose to speak and speak wisely. He reiterated that with whisky the first impression should not be the last impression. And well he was 100% right.

Whisky unlike juices or other beverages  whisky take time to adjust to your palate. The experience of drinking TGR  improves from one day to next. 

May be they have not let it age/ mature enough. Said Raisa who was feeling a little let down with the way she expected her TGR to taste [after all my skillful marketing] and how it actually tasted. It is then I explained why TGR with its triple matured process does not require maturing for years. She heaved a sigh of relief. her romance with TGR is yet not fizzled. It was that moment we decided and fixed our next date with TGR with speakeasy group. 

Disclaimer- This post is for the people age 25 years or above.

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