The Black Dog History

So we just read how friends cosy-up for a Black Dog evening in the previous post and how they were kicked about the tasting this new found premium malt in town, in country, in world and how the name "Black Dog" intrigued them.

If you recall our conversation there wasn't over and we shall now learn behind the mystery of the brand name- Black dog!

Black Dog was launched in 1883 with the name Millard Black Dog by James McKinley from the second generation of the Leith Scotch whisky blending family.  The whisky was named by Walter Millard, who brought the Whisky to India. Now here's the very interesting part. He, Walter Millard was fond of angling,a nd chose to name it after his favorite "Salmon Fishing Fly", known as Black Dog, which he used to fish in the Spey and Tay rivers in Scotland.

Mc Dowell [another interesting naming analogy there] and Co [now known as USL] and United Distillers formed United Distillers India Ltd in 1992, creating India' first joint venture in the alcoholic beverage industry. It began its bottling operations in Nashik to produce Black Dog for the Indian Markets. In 2004 it was reported that USL was planning to sell Black dog in Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Thailand. Black Dog was earlier sold in Pakistan during the British raj era, off course prior to partition. 

So Black Dog is not a dog but actually a fly. Deja vu? yeah I am talking about the famous Bombay Duck. Yes Bombay Duck is not a Duck but a fish. Interesting isn't it? You must be wondering how would Bombay Duck will taste with Black dog? Hmm stay tuned to this space. Read more on food pairing, tasting and yes even whisky and beauty. Coming soon.

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