TGR and Sherry Casks for most refined Scotch Whisky

“A beverage of leisure is a serious business,” Shane Bowermaster was known to declare. “There can be no product of pleasure without the inverse on the end of the producer.”  

This holds true in case of a rich and affable beverage like Whisky. Whisky or the liquid Sunshine as George Barnard Shaw once called, is a labor of great attempts. Brands across the country, are always up on their feet to innovate and up their brand's taste ante. I would call it flavor.

So before I proceed further, let me ask you a question. What adds to your flavor and makes your whisky finest blend that it is? Its the cask.

Whisky unlike a wine hardly changes or ages after it is been bottled.  In old days, wooden casks were used merely as vessels for the freshly distilled spirit. A lot of whisky was consumed before it ever got the chance to evolve in to blend that we drink today. In fact, it was accidentally discovered that it does mature in oak casks. 

Here's how a normal scotch is blended and matured

Now you want makes your TGR so special as Black Dog whisky? Hmmm..
Well that's all folks! So next time when you sip your finest blend of TGR, do care to remember about the Sherry cask.  And yes, do add not add lot of  ice cubes, more the merrier does not stand true for whiskies. Wonder how to relish your finest blend? Coming up in next post.
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