How to Drink your TGR

In my previous post, I told you how to not add more ice cubes in your whisky as it spoils the taste. You must be wondering why? Well ice not only ruins the structure of malt whisky on the palate, making it taste awful and also make the whisky lose at least 3 quarters of its magnificent fragrance as well.

So on the rocks is an out of option  for all your malts. If you skeptical about drinking it neat, then you can dilute it with little distilled or mineral water. Aha! Some finest taste does not come that easy.

Here's how to drink, read enjoy your cup of TGR..

1) Pick your TGR- Whisky selection is a very important aspect of ensuring an enjoyable drink. A cheap whisky can actually ruin the whole taste. And the most expensive whisky need not be the best. Hence chose your brands very carefully or learn what experts say.

2)  Select right whisky glass- Go for tumblers or tulip shaped glasses which are wide at base and sharper towards the top. SUch glasses helps holding the aroma and taper it near your nostrils t enhance your tasting experience.

3)Add Whisky to a cocktail- When you start new, the best way to start is to camouflage the strong taste of a whisky with a spirit of your choice. Choose a cocktail that spirit in it or you can use simply some coke in quantity that the strong taste of whisky does not overwhelm your taste. Once you start liking ut, you try sour whisky. The other option is - water. As this will manage the taste and also release flavors of the drink.

4) Sour Whisky/ On the rocks- Once you start building the taste, you can try drinking your TGR neat and at room temperature. The taste will sue be intense.

Hope you enjoy your TGR. Reiterating that drink responsibly and do not drive post/during drinking. In the next post lets look about ways to make your whisky/ TGR consumption an ever pleasant one. Till then, Keep reading Hautekutir.

The Content of this post is meant only for people above age of 25.

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