How to identify TGR lovers

Love TGR? How? You tell it on your own, with your action that speaks louder than good ol' words. Here's a few trait demonstrating the men oops demarcating the men who loves their whisky, who loves their TGR.


It indeed is a sure-sure tell-tell sign..Aha read on-

1) You have fine taste in everything including cars, cloths, woman and music

2) You judge people by the cocktail they drink, generally the whisky they drink- God forbid them and your judgement against them if they are spotted with a fancy looking cocktail in their hand...Tee hee hee

3) You generally have a group of followers usually younger people admiring/ looking upon you.

4) You like to wear your hard earned status on your sleeves, oops sleeves of your business suits, all mad of finest fabrics only

5) When your idea of watching a lovely sunset/ sunrise is best substantiated by watching two [yes only two ] cubes of ice floating in the golden liquid aka whisky held within a fine whisky glass

6) You celebrate good news with whisky and if there's a bad news, you drown it down with help of whisky. More sour, more better for you.

The kind of effects that whisky spells on men, making them appreciate n enjoy finer living is indisputable. However, the best man is one who does not let anything over power him and drink responsibly.
Disclaimer- This post is for the people age 25 years or above.

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