Celebrating World Whisky Month - May 2014

TGR is indeed a great brand to hang out with. If your friends join you, more the merrier and better. Black Dog's Triple Gold Reserve is the perfect drink to unwind and relax. It is a bottled art of luxurious living and people who appreciate perfect Scotch whisky will indeed latch on to its taste and discover their own El Dorado in the glass this whisky is poured in.

Am I promoting too much of Alcohal consumption among my readers? Well no. The idea to inform n educate with however limited understanding that I have regarding this beverage. And that restricts only to people who like to drink and prefer their drink to be nothing but the best in class.

I am sure a lot of readers were wondering that how I started writing so many posts on Whisky. So much that Khanna Aunty from Chetan Bhagat and 3 idiots controversy landed on my doorstep, asking in her famous, though slightly reformed style [No thanks to Social media advancement in our lives] the main reason behind my whisky diarrhea oops diary.

The conversation with her has tendency to run long and hence this time I tried this idea of using interesting whisky quotations and placards to communicate the same...Yes, yes, Khanna Aunty takes "Alcohal" occasionally, a "what to do" sacrifice she does while accompanying her Army Major husband for his official party. However this time, she chose to sip a glass of a fruity breeze drinks as conformity of being a woman and selecting what women drinks.

Like a cheesy Milind Soman asked in his Old Spice ad. I tied to offer her- Tea, which she happily accepted.

Why am I writing on Alcohol and TGR?
Its May and its a World Whisky month. As a lifestyle blogger, I appreciate fine living and whisky is considered as one of the finest beverage around. Besides, TGR approached me :)

Why Whisky and why not other alcohol like my usual favorite wines

Isn't too much of whisky writing abd enough?

What is this ageing thing with Whisky?

By now she in laughter and giggled like a woman whose funny bones were tickled, but with little apprehension.

Isn't whisky harmful for health? Even if you consume a small quantity everyday?

But honey you are girl and this is not what a girl normally do

Khanna aunty was getting more or less settled..She sipped last with her cup of tea and before she asked any question or I could answer any, she took a placard from my table and shown me..It read-

I Smiled and shown-

Disclaimer- This post is for the people age 25 years or above

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