Whisky and the Food

It was lovely February  evening when Majethia pinged us on whatsapp. His status read- I am on liquid diet henceforth as advised.

The status sent some shockers to a lot us who got concerned if all is well with him and why all of sudden he has been advised to have a liquid diet. If all is well with him or his liver. I pinged him asking if all is well..to which he candidly replied in Gujarati- Mazaa ma [enjoying]. Before I could ask further on his status message, saw him going offline. 

Me and some of the other concerned "speakeasy" members then decided to rush at his home to check on him. We were worried as hell and with bated breaths, reached his home and rang the bell. The door was opened by Majethia himself who was holding a clear glass of whisky in one of his hand. The sight send us all in dizzy and a mad frenzy that how come someone can be so careless about his health and in spite of being advised on liquid diet, still having his glass of whisky? After all whisky drinking was not meant for an addiction per se but just relishing the flavor at certain times.

The angry Aditi went hopping mad on Majethia and gave him a good piece of mind. He tried to interrupt her couple of times but was silenced by her machine gun stacking talks. 

Aditi concluded herself saying- when you were advised to be on liquid diet, why are you having a liquor diet?

The defending Majethia came to his own rescue and said, pointing towards his glass- This is the liquid diet I was talking about as the hotness in temperature is about to rise and food is becoming too heavy to consume..hence this liquid oops liquor diet. 

His quiet demeanor and chutzpah way of saying made us all gush into laughter. Peel of laughter and later on, we spent an hour discussing the probable food pairing on the same.It was time for Raisa to speak who has recently stumbled upon a great site- http://massolitpublishing.blogspot.in/ and found an interesting smoked Salmon with apple salsa recipe for her non veg tastes. here is the reproduction of the recipe that she strongly recommended. Dear Veg lovers like me, do not be disheartened as I will soon post a veg recipe on this space soon that will go well with the TGR blend.

Disclaimer- This post is for the people age 25 years or above.

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