A Little Whisky Song

In the previous posts we discussed few aspects of whisky and TGR- The Triple Gold Reserve from the Black Dog Label. We have been talking the production details, history behind the name, variety and many more. Here's relaxing your senses over a cup of this Scotch Blend, with yours truly "speak easy" club and here's what we come up with- Our own Whisky Song! Tra la la..

You see, how the group has started rising up to the taste of this liquor, with their experience improving day after day oops speakeasy evening after speakeasy evenings. TGR...this is the spell you caste on the wine lovers. Damn, we are developing a taste. So stop cribbing and keep calm.

Made from malt
And richest grans
I am a liquid sunshine
Bottled Amber Divine
Some call me addiction
Some call me flair
Some call me potion
Well you can call me whisky
I am a refined Gold
Take a crystal glass and hold
You will love my sparkle
And my history that is being told

Take a look, stir it a little
I am sour, I am heavenly
I am your Black Dog Whisky

Disclaimer- This post is for the people age 25 years or above.

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