I am 17, going on 18

Wild wild thoughts...people get in playful mood post drinking their favorite poison- Whisky, Wines or others. One of the thing they do post getting high or let's say when they start enjoying their Black label TGR and are in mood to party with friends [at least my cheerful speakseasy gang loves to loose their shoes/heels n do], what they are more likely to do? Dance, May be yes. Sing? Indeed!

We are a Cricket and Cinema loving nation. From Michael Jackson beats to Jagjit Singh's soulful ghazals to Rabindra sangeet to bollywood music, trance and hard rock, music is perennially an essential part of our life celebration and above all living. From Yo Yo Honey Singh to "Hawan karenge" Milkha Singh, we all sing!

Imagine if beverages and alcohols get a gift of singing for self, what their swam [swimming in the drink] song would be? 

Ummm....dunno about all the beverages.. Whisky or to be more precise, a Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve Scotch Whisky would definitely sing this classic melody from "Sound of music", I am 16, going on 17. However with it's own definition and interpretation. 

Gazebo would be replaced with "Sherry Casks". The song would be-

I am 17, going on 18
Baby, its time to "mature"
better beware
be "casky" and careful
Baby, its time to match Triple Gold Reserve

I am 17, going on 18
Gentlemen will fall in line
eager young lads
and besotted french men and cads
Will offer you ice and dine

You need to get, older and wiser
To face the world of men
and expert whisky advertiser

I am 17, going on 18
I am as smokey as woods,
as delicate as rose
bachelors and dandies
drinkers of cheap liquor and fanciful brandies
they wouldn't care of me, would those?

I need someone
Older and wiser
Sipping me like a glory
Oh I need a worthy men
I am 17, going on 18
I will be exclusive drink
of all fine men.

Disclaimer- This post is for the people age 25 years or above

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